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10 Examples of Mustofa Bisri's Poems

Gus Mus Poetry Collection- KH Mustofa Bisri or more familiarly known as Gus Mus is aKyai, poet, novelist, painter, humanist and Muslim scholarwho was born in Rembang, Central Java, August 10, 1944, to a family of students. His grandfather, Kyai Mustofa Bisri was a scholar. Likewise, his father, KH Bisri Mustofa, who in 1941 founded the Roudlatut Thalibin Islamic Boarding School, was a well-known charismatic cleric.

In the world of poetry, Gus Mus began to familiarize himself with it while studying in Cairo, Egypt. At that time the Indonesian Student Association in Egypt made a magazine. One of the magazine's caregivers is Gus Dur. Every time there is a blank page, Mustofa Bisri is asked to fill it with his poems. Because Gus Dur also knew that Mostofa could paint, he was asked to make a painting too so that it became doodles, or cartoons, or whatever, the important thing was that there were pictures to fill in the blanks.

In 1987, when he was chairman of the Jakarta Arts Council, Gus Dur organized the Palestine Night. One of the agenda items was reading poetry by Middle Eastern poets. In addition to reading the translated poetry, the original poetry was also read. Gus Mus, who is fluent in Arabic and English, was assigned to read Middle Eastern poets in their original languages. Since then Gus Mus began to associate with poets.

Since Gus Mus appeared in Taman Ismail Marzuki, his poetry began to be taken into account in the national poetry scene. Poetry reading invitations poured in from various cities. In fact, he was also invited to Malaysia, Iraq, Egypt, and several other Arab countries to discuss art issues and read poetry.

This kyai and poet has produced hundreds of poems which have been compiled in five poetry collections: Ohoi, Balsem Poetry Collection (1988), Poetry Anthology Tadarus (1990), Heroes and Rats (1993), Rubaiyat Wind and Grass (1994), and Wekwekwek ( 1995). In addition, he also wrote prose which was compiled in the book The Mighty Mosquito and Awas Man (1990).

Regarding Gus Mus's poetry, Sutardji Calzoum Bachri considered that Mustofa's poetry style was not flowery, his poems did not try to be beautiful in their pronunciation. But through the reasonableness and simplicity of speech or language, which grows from an unwillingness to make things up. The language is direct, clear, but does not make the poetry tasteless or cliché. As a poet, he is not a gardener of words. He is a keeper and a lover of wisdom, said Sutardji.

To get to know Gus Mus's writings, please see 10 of Gus Mus's Poems that Admin presents below:

my country

where is a country as fertile as mine?
the rice fields not onlygrow rice, sugar cane, and
corn but also factories,recreation areas, and buildings
the furniture of the richest people in the world
and their beautiful pet birds
come from my forest
the choice of fish they eat
starting from my sea
their gold and silver jewelry
dug from my mine the
clean water they drink
sourced from my sweat where is

there a country as rich as mine?
my nation's masters
have foreign workers
famous safes everywhere
save my treasures
my country grows
conglomeratesand erodes the poor
the average leader of my country
and wish the year was
the richest in the world

where is a country as prosperous as my country
the unemployed are given housing
salary and pension every month
little people donate
country without reward
rob-rob recommended
with official letterhead
the thieves are given concessions
mouse and cat fun colluding

(Mustofa Bisri 1414)

If you're busy, when do you have time?

If you're busy just theorizing
When have you enjoyed putting theory into practice?
If you're busy just enjoying theory practice
When did you use it?

If you are busy looking for a living
When did you get to enjoy life?
If you're busy just enjoy life
When did you live?
If you're busy with your chair only
When did you ever think about your ass?
If you're busy thinking about your butt
When did you realize how dirty it was?

If you're busy fooling people
When did you get to use your intelligence?
If you're busy just take advantage of your intelligence
When do other people take advantage of it?

If you're busy showing off your smarts
When did you get to prove your intelligence?
If you're busy just proving your smarts
When are you smart?

If you're busy criticizing other people
When did you get to prove his faults?
If you're busy proving people's faults
When did you realize your own reproach?
If you're busy fighting
When did you have time to reflect on the cause of the conflict?
If you're busy contemplating the cause of the dispute
When will you realize its futility?

If you're busy playing just love
When did you think about the meaning of love?
If you're busy contemplating the meaning of love
When did you make love?
If you're busy preaching
When did you become aware of the sermon policy?
If you are busy with the sermon policy only
When will you practice it?

If you're busy just dhikr
When did you realize the greatness that you are remembrance of?
If you are busy with the majesty that you dhikr only
When did you know him?
If you're busy just talk
When did you think about your talk?
If you're busy thinking about your talk
When did you understand the meaning of talk?
If you're busy just singing poetry
When did you have time to sing?
If you're busy just poetry
When did you sing?

(If you are busy with skin only
When did you get to touch the contents?
If you're busy just touching the contents
When did you get to the point?
If you're busy with just the point
When did you make it clear?
If you're busy just making it clear
When did you unite with Him?)

"If you're busy just ask
When did you hear the answer!”


My wife

If my wife doesn't marry me
She's not my wife of course
I happen to love her
He loves me too
Even if I don't love him
And he doesn't love me either
She's still my wife
Because he married me


my teacher

When I was little and became his student
He is in my eyes the biggest and smartest person
When I grow up and become smart
I see he's so small and innocent
I appreciate it first
Because I don't know the price of a teacher
Or now I don't know
Appreciate the teacher?


Important people

Another important person with someone else
He is different because of his importance
Speak is important, silence is important
Wisdom is important
Too much is important
Everything in her is important
Even the least important
If it's not important anymore
He's just like the others



Between rich and poor of course you choose poor
Look at you all your life never feel rich
Between life and death of course you choose death
Look at you for life desperately defending death
Between war and peace of course you choose peace
Look at you spend your life fighting for peace
Between civilized and barbaric of course you choose civilized
Watch you spend your life hiding the savagery in civilization
Between lust and conscience, of course you choose conscience
Look at you to keep it neatly away from the turmoil of this world
Between this world and the hereafter, of course you choose the hereafter
Look at you to name the deeds of the world as the deeds of the hereafter
Between this and that
Did you really choose that?


To the Poets

Brent, sing erratically

about mountains and rocks
mega-mega and gray clouds
about the lazy moon
and lustful women

Brent is hiding
in sissy symbols
Brentlah weave maya
cherish love
exaggerate miss

Brent is wasting power
chasing orgasm with bare hands
Brentil roams the valleys
with aimless dreams

Look left and right
See weakness everywhere
make anyone sleepy and crazy

Look at the rampant darkness
and slumber slashing everything

Look at everything arbitrarily
gang up and let the conscience helpless

Wake up
Sharpen your letters
Dip your rhyme lines
in the light of dhikr and prayer
Then shoot the truth
And let the Most Righteous
beat the dark arrogance
with His brilliance


Love rhymes

My love for you hasnever existed for example
Romeo's love for Juliet,Majnun Qais for Laila
nothing yet
our farewells are more meaningful
compared to yusuf and zulaikha's farewell
our longings exceed adam eve's longing for revenge
I am your ocean wave
who run-come for you
the rain that flashesand thunders over your

clouds I am thefragrance of your flowers
the blood of your thorns
breezy until your windstorm

I'm your bird chirping
the fog of your mountain
peak, your fortune

I am your letter dots
the letters of your words
your meaning words

I am a hot glare
and the warm shadows of your sun
Earth surrender your sky

I am the body of your spirit
fayakun kunmu

I am me

Rembang, 30.9.1995

So what else

so what else can we do

When the eyes are deliberately
closed, the earsare deliberately deaf
numb conscience

what else can we do

When interestsget out of control,
rights get out of responsibility
behavior is free from shame,
association is separatedfrom brotherhood
mind is separated from mind

what else can we do

If the statement isseparated from the reality,
the promise is separatedfrom the evidence
law is separated from justice,
policy is separated from wisdom
power escapes correction

what else can we do

when words lose
meaning, life loses soul
Humans lose their humanity,
religion loses their God

moreover, brother who can

we do

God, if only that was all

not your anger
towards us we don't care

Rembang, early Dzulhijjah 1418/1998

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