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10 Examples of Omar Khayyam . Poems

Omar Khayyam and Examples of His Poetry- Omar Khayyam is known as a medieval intelligent scientist. He had a big name in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and literature. In connection with that, he earned the nickname Tent Maker from the scientists of his time.

As a Muslim, Omar Khayyam belongs to a moderate group. He had a different view from most Muslims at that time. With his literary skills, Khayyam also wrote a number of poems that describe his life story. The poem is contained in his work entitled Rubaiyat. Now, the work is still stored in the country of his birth. Meanwhile, many of Khayyam's literary works have been translated into English, including by Fitz Gerald in 1839. Omar Khayyam died at the end of the XII century.

On 4 December 1131 AD, he died and was buried in Nishapur. He left many valuable scientific works, especially in mathematics, astronomy, and poetry. His works have been translated into many languages ​​in Asia and Europe. He left at least 3 treatises on metaphysics, and his works on Algebra were translated in 1851.

To get to know more about Omar Khayyam's literary works in the form of poetry, the following Admin presents 10 poems from Omar Khayyam. Please take a look, bro...

Enemy of Faith

I drink wine, from right and left say:
"Drinking not Drinking because it is against Faith."
For I know wine is against Faith,
For God's sake, let me drink -- the blood of the enemy is legal to me.


Although 'wine' is banned, this is according to who drinks it,
How much, also with whom drunk.
If these three conditions are met; speak the truth --
Then, if the Sage doesn't
drink 'wine', who should?

Those who try to isolate themselves
and those who spend the night in prayer,
No one is on dry land, all in the sea.
One is awake, and all the others are asleep.

I fell asleep, and the Wise said to me:
"Sleep, the rose of happiness never blooms.
Why did you do something close to death?
Drink 'wine', then you will have a long sleep."

Friends, if you stay in a meeting
You have to remember a lot Friend.
When you manage to drink together,
When it was my turn, 'then turn the glass over'.
Those who have gone before us, O Cupbearer,
Sleeping in the dust of pride.

Go, drink 'wine', and hear from me the Truth:
What they have is only said in our hands,
O cup-bearer

Under the Earth

You are not gold, people don't care:
That, once placed on earth, someone
Will take you out again.


Do you know what earth man is, Khayyam
A lantern of imagination, and inside the lamp.

Don't Empty Hands

Take some quintessence from Here to There --
You will not be lucky if you go empty handed.


Secrets must be kept from all beings:
Mystery must be hidden from all fools
Look what you did to humans
The Seer must be hidden from everyone.


The circle of this world is like a ring:
There is no doubt that we are
all Naqsh, the Draft of the decree.


In the cloisters and verandas of monasteries,
in Christian monasteries and Jewish churches:
Here people fear Hell and others dream about Heaven.
But he who knows the secrets of his Lord
Not to plant a seed like this in his heart.

God's Note

Kalam Loh Mahfuz noted…
And after taking notes…
More notes…
All prayers and efforts...
Unable to extinguish the Divine record…
Even if it's just a line...
No matter how many tears...
Not even a word will be lost...
Notes of the Most Merciful God.

This is me

Present and future people will come and say, "Here I am!"
He gave a gift of gold or silver, saying, "Here I am!"
But at one point in his life he fell ill
Death caught up and said, "Here I am!"