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10 Examples of Poetry Dorothea Rosa Herliany

Dorothea Rosa Herliany and Examples of Her Poetry-Dorothea Rosa Herliany (born in Magelang, Central Java, October 20, 1963) is an Indonesian writer and poet. After graduating from Stella Duce High School in Yogyakarta, he continued his education at the Department of Indonesian Literature, FPBS IKIP Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta (now Sanata Dharma University) and graduated from there in 1987.

Apart from writing poetry, he also writes short stories, essays, book reviews, and art criticism. His works have been published in various important mass media such as Kompas, Suara Update, Horison, Kalam, Basis, Minds of the People, Media Indonesia, Republika, and others.
From her serious work and struggle with the literary world, Rosa has received several awards, including Best Environmental Poetry from the Minister of the Environment (1994), Best Writer from the Central Java Journalists Association (1995), Best Cultural Artist from the Magelang Regional Government (1995), One from 19 Famous Women 1997, Femina Magazine (1997), Best Poetry Book for “Dreams Falling Olive Leaves”, from Jakarta Arts Council (2000), Best 5 Nominee “Khatulistiwa Literary Award” for his book Kill The Radio (2003), Author Best from the Language Center (2003), Received the Art Award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia (2004), won the Khatulistiwa Literary Award (2006) for her poetry book Santa Rosa and the 2011 Cempaka Award as an outstanding woman. .

His works in the form of a collection of poems are Nyanyian Gaduh (Single Poetry, Yogyakarta, 1987), The Running Sun (Nusa Indah, Ende, Flores, 1980), Kepompong Sunyi (Balai Pustaka, Jakarta, 1993), Nikah Weeds (Nusatama Library, Yogyakarta). , 1995, IndonesiaTera, 2003), The Dream of Falling Olive Leaves (Grasindo, Jakarta, 1999), A Radio Turns Off, Kill The Radio (IndonesiaTera, May 2001), The Killers of Time (Bentang, Yogya, 2002), Life Sentences (IndonesiaTera, English edition, 2004), Kill The Radio , printed for the European market by publisher Arc Publication, London, 2007, Santa Rosa (IndonesiaTera, August 2005, second edition: November 2006), schenk mir alles, was die Männer nicht besitzen. doch schenk mir nicht das Himmelreich / Give Me Everything a Man Needs, But Not Heaven (2 language poetry book, Indonesian-German, multi media with CD ROOM). Germany, August 2009.

While his short stories are Blencong (Balai Pustaka, Jakarta, 1995), Caricature and a Piece of Love (Pustaka Nusatama, Yogyakarta, 1995), The Waiting Woman (IndonesiaTera, Magelang, 2000, reprinted: 2003), and Love Doesn't Grow in Any Place. (Indonesia Tera, 2005).

Other works in the form of children's stories and youth stories are collected in Dipo's books, the Stone Sculptor (Jenar Melati Wangi, Jakarta, 1997), Medals for the Brave, Jakarta, (Echo Windu Pancakarsa, Jakarta, 1994), Stories Along the River, (Jakarta, 1996), and Elegies for Wesa, (Jakarta, 1996).

The writings in the form of folklore are contained in the book Folklore from Kedu (Grasindo, 2003), Folklore of 33 Provinces: From Aceh to Papua (5th edition May 2008), and Folklore of the Legend of the Archipelago, from 33 Provinces (IndonesiaTera, 2010) .

Okay, friend, to get to know his work more directly, here Admin presents 10 Poems of Dorothea Rosa that you can listen to.

Weed Marriage

you marry weeds.live in the land of the
bush. be quiet inthe rustle of the wind
that deceives the sky.

but then peoplepay their respects to
you. feels darkmarriage and orgy. you
need flowers sown. prayer
final, and repeated pilgrimages.

you marry weeds. the area of​​the garden is the vast of the earth,
the broad of the sky is thevastness of your inner world. you
marry the silenceleft behind for
centuries to come.gargle dry soil and
pesticide. garglethe world of small
animals that seekhomes in tears and death.


Song on the Boat

like on a small boat alone I am
tossed about bysmall waves in my body
When I sleep, I dream ofa prince with a flowing robe
and his hair unraveling athousand words of lying snorts.
I saw the shower of his long and mighty sword.
I blow the trumpet of my passion in a song from a distant land.
what a groan. how fast you miss without an address.
what a silent and false dream.

like on a small boat alone I am
irregular. looking forthousands of names
and address. in millionsof sites and billions of
viruses. lined up lewdstories of sickening romance.

I'm alone, like a painting of a girl in front of a window
: looking at the blue seaat the limit of the sky. while
stemming the storms andwaves that erode the reefs.

February, 2000

Noah's Boat

the boat thatNoah left lost in my
dream: the seedsare ready to be planted
also the scatteredgenealogies become
shoots that willproduce contradictions
for the sake ofcontradiction. tangles
and ends that can never be found

the land where wecome home? home and
disaster, crying andconcern, signs scattered.

the boat thatNoah left lost in my
my dreams: unmistakable signs
Padampadam breeds into sad
poetry, with notes that can't be


Train Departure

This rail is straightand long. the carriages
creaked like coffins.carry the body
and a silentspirit. station after
station: we'rewaiting for something.

noisy voices: faithful watchers.
loyal watchers. doyou hear? people
wanted to knowwhere they were going.

This rail is straight and long.
we lined up to the shore...



the flower that grows I
have made a sign (or grave)
: we always fail to grieve.

this time, the dawn was short
and there wasalways something left
never finished speaking.

And it still feelslike I haven't finished
crying yet. between vibrate and
Gigil: Even poetry failed to be read.


Old Age Narrative

between the leavesand the dry season, you
thrust your old facetoo. a butterfly rises
from the cocoon.

this is the umpteenthyear in your age. the
season you've beenwaiting for is almost here.

but, you came in thename of silence. eternity
of death and perpetualfailure. should we


Foreign City

I took a journeythrough the misty
forests. I made myway through the algae.
not as tired as walking the
straight path inthe verse you sing.

I took a journey of wounds along my way of thinking.
without prayer – in myinner world. lonely, how
eternal. My worship isrelentless: on a dream.

in that strange city, the lyrics
of doubt threw me out of bounds!


Sinful Woman

she bore the sin alone, aslight as her secret cry: running
among a swarm of deer beingchased by a pack of wolves.
you wrote hisblack ribs, nestled in
the shadows of thenon-reflecting walls.

the woman painted untranslatedsins she wrote the secret of
poetry that grieved revengein the friction of the fiddle.
then he stomped on the heels of the dark and mystical indian dancer.

a group of men crawling on his stomach.
measure how much sweat the climb is melting.
before they clenchedtheir fists into
the sky. and puffedout his empty chest:
its rotten mouth spilled thousands of maggots and worms.

the woman built paradise in a pool of tears.
Creating a river of history: throughout the centuries!

February, 2000


like if we walk in ashopping center, on
the edges of shopsand street vendors
everything tempts us to see: for real!
just a glass cabinet anda display case, if only we
weren't a bunch of old andblind people with myopic eyes
or the blind man with his stick.
everything is so real!
or if only we weren'tbabies walking on all fours
or play-age kids justtempted by excitement.

what is unseen?
even the sounds ofrestless people along the
street and the whimpersof hungry beggars.
the discordant songs ofbuskers, or even, if you can
speak, the sad whispers ofsomething that is being peddled…

but we don't see anything.as if we were walking
in spaces without light.even bomb explosions and
cannon fire we can't hear.

Jakarta, 1999

Many Junctions, Old Town: Melancholia

always, every tripyou complain about,
you don't want toarrive, on your carriage
ask which of us the coachman you
don't want to arrive,around every corner
read wind direction and alley names.
people, always likestarting the day going
and going home,rushing, and who knows
hunted and who was hunted.
we also step between the journey of grievances.
and always fail to read directions.

someone always leadsyou in all directions,
village after village,but in the end
you are alone ona sad note in a row
of days, why do youalways open a diary
: because you say, memories are poison.
today I saw your face like the
pottery statues in Kasongan.
then my heart laughed, mocking the reality of life.
for the past is poison, and we
rejoice in the sorrows of today.
So, if you miss, just go backto the hotel, and draw a picture
of your home and the hustleand bustle of your proud city.

I waited for you at thestation, a few hours of my life
was lost, I waited alongthe tracks and mute benches.
I want Yogya, forall your free time,
because life countsand every drop of sweat
and that's why I'm stripping away the seconds of my age?
I'll wait for you at the station, until seconds become years.

I think Joan Sutherland and Mozart in Die Zauberflote.
but a little girlasks for a coin, and
sings of sorrowfrozen in the hot sun
and smoldering asphalt,
unfinished, yes, never finished.
only his mouth moved beyond the
glass and Sutherland'sgripping voice.
Yogya is getting old, and
everywhere I hear sad stories.
but at the Ngasemmarket, you can
buy a bird thatnever stops singing,
and be so quiet when you take it home.

a letter I foundin Malioboro, it
seems a girl has a broken heart,
and looking for herlover in the storefronts
and among thepiles of street goods,
I did not find it, inall corners of this
city there was noshadow of that lover.
I found the letter,and I sent it back
somewhere, one day you met me,
and carried a handfulof black letters:
addressless, butyou never read them,
and I wrote backletter after letter
with no addressand I sent nowhere.

longing hurts sometimes
but what is thisold city hiding?
one doesn't want to
go and build a cochlea.
one doesn't want to
and record a series of events
to make it just a memory.

Yogyakarta, 1999

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