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10 Examples of Poetry Subagio Sastrowardojo

Subagio Sastrowardojo and His Poetry Examples- Subagio Sastrowardojo was born in Madiun, on February 1, 1924. His career in the art world began in the revolutionary era by singing and painting. It was only in the fifties that he began to write short stories, poems and essays. He had deepened his knowledge in literature and theater at Yale University.

He was also a member of the Jakarta Arts Council (1982-1984), and a member of the Lemhanas socio-cultural working group. The following are his works in Indonesian literary literature.

Poetry Collection:

  • Symphony (1957)
  • Border Region (1970)
  • Hari and Hara (1982)
Short story collection:
  • Manhood in Cleft (1965).
  • Natural Talent and Intellectualism (1972).
Other works:
  • Keroncong Motinggo (1975)
  • Modern Author as Frontier Man (1989)
  • Symphony Two (1990)
  • Literature and Culture at a Glance (1992)
His short story, "Maleness in the Cleft", won the first prize in the story magazine in 1955. His poem, "Dan Death is Getting Familiar", won the Horison magazine prize for poems published in the magazine in 1966/1967. His collection of essays, Literature of the Dutch East Indies and Kita (1983), won the 1983 DKJ Literature Prize.

In 1971, Subagia Sastrowardojo received an Art Award from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for his collection of poems, Border Areas (1970), in 1991 he received the Asean Literature Prize, and in 1992 he was awarded the Main Book Foundation for his book Modern Author as Border Man. Some of his poems have been translated into English, Dutch, German, French, Japanese and Russian.

The 10 poems below are a collection of his poems that Admin summarizes from various sources. Please take a look, bro..


If I go abroad, sis, because the
air here is alreadystuffy by the way
frozen thoughts.

Living in this countryis like in a village
where everyonewants to make rules
regarding the trafficin the alley, watch the
night and registeryourself at the ministry.

Where everyonewants to be a judge and
talk about morality,politics and religion
such as mastered questions.
Where every herbalist is greeted
warmly with hisattention and laughter.
Where the chatteron the street is worth
more than quietmusings in the room.
Where suspicion is deeper than love and trust.

If I go abroad, sis, because the
to be independentand find myself.


Empty house
Have wanted to live in for a long time
Is an interlocutor; Anyone or anything
window, chair
Or flowers on the table
Silent, slashing like a dagger
Asking for the blood that flows from a dream


The origin is the word
The universe is composed of words
Behind it is just empty
space and the morning breeze

We are afraid of the scourge because of the word
We love the earth because of the words
We believe in God because of the word

Fate trapped in words
That's why I hide
behind the word
And drown yourself
without residue


For the sake of a friendly
night I promise to give up
to the wind that brushes
the edge of the day
On the edge of the
valley I will lie quietly
The only thing that scares me is
the moon between the branches
that deepens the silence


the night falls on your back

lonely on the edge

of the mountain
shrinking in the glass
the days are getting low
and lips run out of words:

dinda, where,
who's hand clenched
smack at the table


doll maker who rarely talks

and the one who lives a bit far
from the villagehas made a statue
from a candle like her own

with his body, handsand feet when he
exhales his breathat the top of his head
has lit a fire not in the head

but on the chest

--I love--the doll maker's words
only then did he release
the word and the fire
has made creation immortal
when the candle burns out,
Look, the fire keeps burning

Initial Tone

My job is only to translate the
movement of the hanging leaves
on weary branches.
Secrets need the spoken word
at the peak of silence. When
the leaves fall thereis no blood. but
in a dark room there are those
who feel lost andcomplain of pain


In the dreamland my
life stands as a black tree
with bitter fruits hanging on the branches
Only snakes guard know the taste
Women who have lost their appetite:
Don't enter the forbidden
garden or I'll wake up
see yourself naked
Or are your hands wide enough
to cover the hole of shame?


in the middle of a party crowd
or alone timewalking in the desert
the sound of the sea
crashing against the rocks

I know for sure after wandering

and hang out in the city
I'll go back to the beach
fulfill a promise

This once there will be
no escape or resistance

The last ship stranded in the sand

I will give up silence
when the water sinks

Broken wing

since dwelling in the
city of a rebellious heart
has become tame now work remains

reading in the room
item two-three rhymes
or repair the fence in the yard
(which is already starting to break)
or feed a child when they
cry because they are hungry
sometimes also praise the wife
wearing new clothes

-- looking at the stars
no longer a hobby –
only occasionally in the
mirror I say comforting myself:
Angel! your wings are broken
once in a whileit will heal again