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10 Examples of Poetry Toto ST. Radik

Toto St Radik and Examples of His Poems- Who is this poet from Serang, Banten? Toto St Radik was born in Singarajan, Serang, on June 30, 1965 to H. Mohamad Suhud and Hj. Tuchaeni Queen. As a child, this poet who is also a humanist took his primary and secondary education in Serang City. Then, he continued to IKIP Bandung and Bandung Social Welfare College (STKS), but did not graduate. He just obtained his bachelor's degree in Education Outside School (PLS) Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Banten in 1992.

The man who is married to Babay Herlina and has two children (Radika Dzikru Bungapadi and Rara) has started to take an interest in literature on a self-taught after graduating from high school in Serang. While the field of theater was known when he attended the Acting Course at the Bandung Theater Study Club (STB) while studying in Bandung. This "thirst" for literature and theater has made him diligent in attending literary meetings in various cities. As a result, he eventually became a famous poet with dozens of works along with a number of awards from various institutions, including the KSI Awards for his collection of poems entitled Indonesia Half Tiang (2000).

Apart from being a poet, Toto also entered the world of journalism. From 1987 to 1998 he was a journalist at the Sinar Pagi Jakarta daily. Later, he became the founder and editor-in-chief of the student tabloid Bantenpos (1993-1994). And, became the founder and editor-in-chief of the Circle Literary and Cultural Journal (1997-1998). Furthermore, he devoted himself to the state by becoming a Civil Servant at the BKKBN and then moving to the Serang City Tourism Office until now.

In the midst of his busy life as a Civil Servant, Toto is active in teaching poetry voluntarily at the Serang Literature Studio in collaboration with Horison Magazine and the World House Poetry Council and is a member of the Indonesian Literary Community. In addition, he also continues to write poetry which is published in various print media in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Lampung, and Banten.

Some of his literary works include: Jejak Tiga (Serang: Azeta, 1998), Ode Kampung Cermin (Serang: Lingkar Sastra and Theatre, 1995), Land of Shadows (Surabaya: Surabaya Art Foundation, 1996), Finding and Losing (Serang: Literary Circle and Theater, 1996), Dari Bumi Lada (Lampung: Lampung Arts Council, 1996), Mirror of Nature (Bandung: Bandung Literature Forum and West Java Park, 1996), Anthology of 10 West Java Poets (1996), Anthology of Indonesian Poetry 1997 (Bandung: Angkasa, 1997), Bebegig (Serang: Literary Circle and Theater, 1998), Indonesia Half Pole (Tangerang: Indonesian Literary Community, 1999), Indonesian Resonance (Tangerang: Indonesian Literary Community, 2000), Coming from the Future ( Tasikmalaya: Tasik Literature Studio, 2000), Poetry (Jakarta: Poetry Foundation, 2001), Sajadah Kata (Bandung: Syaamil Cipta Media, 2001), Ujung Island Concert (Lampung: Lampung Arts Council, 2002), Spicy Tomato Juice (Serang : Serang Literature Studio and Suhud Sentr autama, 2003), and Prince The Man Who Doesn't Want Heaven (Serang: Rumah Dunia, 2004).

Here are 10 Examples of Poetry from Toto ST. Radik that you can see.

Attack Elegy

good morning, my love,
which side of the land is it?
will you plant factories
and nightmares?

date roses from stalks
got lost in the dark stalls
looking for fragrancein the perfume bottles
that you peddle withexcessive passion

ah, drunk progress ad how
easy and cheap love you pawn
from second to second: the roar of the engine, the groaning of the trees!
good afternoon my love

Which village will you send
to the wilderness of alienation?
and emptiness?

the sun is now like needles pricking
crown, grass loses
dew and dirty flies swarm
raping roses thatscream in pain while
the wind justcrosses. ah, just cross
behold, your skiesare scorched and at the
bottom of the cliffsthe stones are dead!

good night my love the
lights are on all the way
but why did you stab the moon
perpetuating thebushes and flowers
in the darkness of civilization?

Gosh, now you'reburying my house and a
patch of rice fieldsfor my children later
You're magic into aworldly toy discotheque
ah, suddenly you'reso foreign to me!
From the remnantsof the moon and roses
on the pavement Iwrite your death rhyme

Serang, October 1994

Pretend City

who wrote the names of
God under the cute lamps?
the city swings in a black
dream away from the real light
trapped in strangers

along the way
God lost humans there
was never an encounter
only iron pillars
pretending to say faith

Serang, 2002

Because the rain just runs in the air

: ahmad syubbanuddin alwy but
even here theycontinue to fight, brother
between the shimmerand the sound of
shaking the groundis barren and barren

: grow strange and evil
trees the birds have long gone
leave the mosque and the minaret

then what are youlooking for here, bro
in a village that will keep you in silence?
because the rain just runs
in the air just runs in the air

Attack, 2008

Diary of a Poet

in my country men
don't have to shed tears
only women can be sad and cry

men are soldiers:
steel forged in fire
hard and dense andcruel holding life there
is not a patch of spaceand a moment of time
to ask about something simple

everything is finished
in the book lose or win
in my country men
a man to shed tears: I went too
to the land of poetry
where joy and sorrow
Doubt and love are
not rejected or denied

Serang, 1998

Proverbs of a knife

The knife lying on thedining table sobbed sadly
for days there wasnothing, just red onions
or a lizard passing by,to be chopped up with rust
fungus growing on hisincreasingly gloomy and frail body
His dull eyes still gleamedfrom the torment of hunger but the
space and time that surroundedhim only lowered the silence
someone just leftit on that dining
table without anytask without prey
but so loudly he heard thesound of groaning flesh and
blood rushing out on thedark streets from age to age.
since qabil slaughtered habil
o, flesh full of fragrant blood
I want you in my badold days! His lament is
painful because of thememories that come to him
The barrage of knives lying
on the dining table roared
feel like despair

It had been days since hehad found a way of committing
suicide: ending his entirejourney and starting a new journey
walking the dark streets of
another world with other people
as a victim

Serang, 1998-1999

In the Middle of a Corn Field

in the middle of the cornfield I
translate theverses of your love
between the motion of the leaves
and the remembrance of the dew

in the middle of the cornfield I
I'm a man with a shiny jet body
burned by the sun in the
passion of bubbling love

in the middle of the cornfield I
a solemn dancer parsing prayers
become a thousandmovements between the ripples of
memories, the reality of today,and the dreams of the future

in the middle of the cornfield I
hill far away fromthe noisy years
and the dry age, I look up to
the sky to absorb all the light

Serang, 1998

Dinner and Explosions at Istiqlal Mosque

when the tongue is busy eating 20 skewers, chicken
Bakar, johor laksa,watermelon and milk
tea in a very respectfuldinner at Saujana
deto' haji abdul ghaniothman*), someone stabbed
my left ear: istiqlalexploded with a bomb, sir!
immediately, in themidst of mellow Malay
dances and songs, thedishes are on the table
turned into carcasses andpools of blood. the night shriveled
up the dizzying wind, sucking allmy consciousness. one thousand
the mouth buzzing like a madbee, accompanied by a sharp
ringing sound of laughter.I threw up. my body too
explode. the piecesflew, darting across
islands and seas. falldown on the ground floor
mosque among the broken
glass and the sting of sulfur

Johor Bahru Malaysia, 1999

Paddy One

In this silent rice field
I planted rice seeds
diving to the bottom of the
mud opens the earth's lust
and plant again in this
silent rice field I dance
alone wander to
the bottom of prayer
drink the essence of
the earth and dance again
In this silent rice field
I fall on the ground
pick up restless write history

Serang, 1999

Strait of Johor

the strait of johor as
silent as stone at dawn
across from the
little singapore lit up
like a swarm of wild
fireflies rushing into my eyes

stabbed my heart,which was perforated
in the strait of johoras silent as a stone
the moon is gone without
a trace of a line of light
emanating from the
seabed perpendicular
like a spear thatcharges the land and I
hear my mother'svoice calling out to me
in the strait of johoras silent as a stone
as stone, I miss you so much

Johor Bahru Malaysia, 1999

Indonesia, One Night

indonesia -- on a distant night
half month. the kestrel shrieking all over
songs of pain and addresses of death
Even silence grows friends with fear
creeping into every house, knocking on doors
fragile. and the wind like an
ally stabs cold, sharp as a gaze
a pair of black cat eyes. then rain
falling, twirling in a rhythmless dance
rushing uncontrollablytowards the
heart of darknesssignaling a storm

indonesia -- on a rainy night
the moon is knocked out like confirming the darkness of magic
howling dogs from distant hills wading
seconds of surging anger. flowers
changing stones, the song ofaffection changed to the flick
of a machete, bursts ofbullets and flames. blood spilled
in every inch of land. flowing thousands of kilometers
with tears that secretly hold memories
green history. torn flag on fire
on the gambling table. incantations, prayers, curses
a thousand words overlap each other claws between
strange conversations full of passwords

indonesia -- on a night of chaos
I bow my head in the dusty room
read line after line of my loose poems
from paper prison: step on cobblestone streets!

Serang, 31.12.1996