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10 Examples of Remy Sylado's Poems

Remy Sylado and Examples of His Poetry-Remy Sylado whoborn in Makassar, June 12, 1945is a multi-talented Indonesian artist and writer. Remy can produce various works of art in various fields such as drama art through his theatrical performances, literary arts through novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays.

Since he was in elementary school, Remy has excelled in the arts. When he was in elementary school (SD), he won a painting competition at the elementary school level in Semarang. His love of painting continued through college. After completing his education at high school (SMA), the man whose real name is Japi Panda Abdiel Tambayong then enrolled at the Surakarta Arts Academy, Department of Fine Arts to deepen his talent in painting. In the world of literature and performance, the founder of the theater group 23761 is highly skilled, both as a playwright and as a storyteller.

Since the age of 18 he has written criticism, poetry, short stories, novels, plays, columns, essays, poetry, popular romances, as well as books on musicology, dramaturgy, language, and theology. Behind his activities in the fields of music, fine arts, theater, and film, he also mastered a number of languages.

One of Remy Sylado's strengths compared to other poets/writers is that in his literary works he can bring Arkai's words to life, by creating new words, or empowering old words that have never been used. The risk for readers is sometimes not immediately grasp the meaning of the use of the terms used by him. Even the use of terms in his writings is not necessarily in the Indonesian dictionary, because he uses words from various languages, such as Sanskrit, Javanese, Sundanese, Manado, Betawi, Ambonese, and several other foreign languages.

The writing of the former chairman of the Bandung Cultural Center was further honed when he made a career as a journalist. In 1965, Remy was a journalist at Tempo magazine in Semarang. After that, he later became the editor of Aktuil Bandung magazine from 1972 to 1975. There, he was also the first editor of the “Mbeling Poetry” section. For him, literature should be able to provide comfort and hope to its readers. The literary work can be thrown into the trash if it does not contain both.

The task of a literary writer is not just to make a story, but to create and present his thoughts. For him, the author cannot present ideas of thought carelessly to the reader. To produce a literary work, it is necessary to do research first. The reason is, if written without research, the novel tends to be dry. One of his famous novels and was filmed was Ca-bau-kan (Only A Sin).

Remy has also produced several other novels, such as Kembang Jepun, Parijs van Java: Blood, Sweat, Tears, The Scarlet Red Veil, Waiting for the Melbourne Sun, and Sam Po Kong. In addition, Remy wrote plays, such as Siau Ling and October 9, 1740. Both have strong historical backgrounds. The text of the drama October 9, 1740 tells the story of a romance between Hein de Wit and Hien Nio in which there is political intrigue, betrayal, and national sentiment.

Okay, friend, to get to know Remy Sylado's work in the form of poetry, the following Admin presents 10 Examples of Remy Sylado's Poems. Please take a look..

Learn to Respect Friends' Human Rights

if male student

yes female student if

if male student
brother yes sister sister

if male student

yes girls if

if male student
male son yes female daughter

if male student

yes women marry if

if male student
friends marry, don't peek.

Heroes Who Pretend Heroes

who fought first
and died in the war
it's called a hero
(image of selfless warrior)

who fought first
but live happily now
want to also be called a warrior
image hero with strings attached

Abbreviating Words

because we are Indonesian
like to abbreviate
the word wr.wb.
then divine grace and blessing
become short
and not complete for us.

Individualism in Collectivism

you you you you you you

you you you you you you

you you you you you you

you you you I you you you

you you you you you you

you you you you you you

you you you you you you

My love Tati

my love tati love love

tita tita tati tati

tai t

a i



The first president flirted
with the communists

The second president
flirts with the capitalists

The third president flirts
with the second president

The fourth president
is impossible to flirt

No Tears For A Bastard

He builds a house on the dignity of dreams
the pillars of revenge in a row
floor please storied
windowed longing hand in hand
even though above ithe only needs a roof that
covers the secrets ofthe power of the one sun
penetrate the warehouse that stores all the rags of sorrow

As long as his heart is cryingfor tomorrow, the previous part
of which a finger appearedtelling him to look at the castle
who continued to standdespite being hit by waves
in the sea towards theland of the former Batavia
“Will you repeat staying in it
where people keep their anger and rage?”
a woman's voice–is the motherland–generate passion
He stopped hoping to find rest

In that castle live dove tailed
Golden wings, goldenbeaks, golden feet,
fly up to the circumferenceof the Milky Way
but happy to be silent in the window
He catches the pigeons
and turn into a dove
His dream dies tobuild a house on dignity
and the index fingerwho once told to choose
now pointing at his forehead and eyes
“The wages of sin is death,” the voice said

It screams roar echoes for miles who cares
No tears for a son of a bitch–hatta!

Standing a Mother

pain is a feeling

I never understood why
there was water on the eyelids

if you are sick and
your hair is white already
are you like me also
imagine death as a gift

ask a girl sick

when he gave thefruit of the age on the
teachings of theancestors of the fairy love

scream when sick so
that the soul is drained
from stress and fear

life becomes beautiful

after the illnesswent away for a while
and in front of theeyes stood a mother.


Like a gem polishedfrom a stone,
we know that freedom is a luxury
from the sweat ofsorrow mixed with
tears spilling thesupply of patience
Skin color and genealogy,
it's easy to play with fate
and we like to remember ulcers
is it Daendels or Jan Pieterzoon Coen
zonder punishes our own future
who sold their landto the Dutch until we
were mistaken fordonkeys for centuries
If we are trapped inimpoverishment, now
see, there is stillpoverty in the neighbors
entertained us by looking down
See all problems as a painter
face the blank canvas
and paint with the visionof submission, why is
it good to be druggedwith a sense of competition
After all, all the spare deaths are nudity
Our real gems we must say
is in the death of the wills of blood.

Mother's Advice

Mother's advice is notalways accepted by children,
but it is always beautifulto bloom in contemplation
Mothers don't give stones to children who ask for bread

True warriors do notclash with enemies
but with opportunitieshidden in time
A stone sheep slippedin the canyon groaning
while waiting foranon to carry a stick
Who needs an ear in the heart to
filter betweenreality and statement
Furious when you lose yourmind, make your head smoke
as a butt that is forced tobe extinguished by saliva

The mother ends thelullaby for the child so that
the child continues to beliterate and does not sleep
Let's be children because God loves children.