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10 Examples of Sanusi Pane's Poems

Sanusi Pane and Examples of His Poetry- Who is Sanusi Pane who is Armijn Pane's older brother? Sanusi Pane is a poet from Indonesia. He was born in Muara Sipongi, Tapanuli, on May 14, 1905. He died in Jakarta on June 2, 1968.

He expresses his ideas in his poems and essays. He was very interested in culture and mysticism, especially Indian culture and Javanese culture. In 1928 he left for Hindu lands. In that country he wrote poems well which were later published under the title Madah Kelana (1931). After he returned to Indonesia, he published and led the Indonesian edition of Timboel magazine, actively writing in Poedjangga Baroe, especially essays on history, culture and philosophy.

Sanusi Pane studied formally at the HIS and ELS schools in Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. His education continued at MULO, Padang and Jakarta, which he completed in 1922. He then continued his studies at Kweekschool (teacher school) in Gunung Sahari. He completed his studies in 1925. Then he taught at the school, before being transferred to Lembang and becoming HIK. He also briefly studied at Rechtshogeschool and studied Ontology. Between 1929-1930, he had the opportunity to visit India, which in turn would have a major impact on his literary views.

His poems have a very deep meaning, although in some cases he can also be very cheerful and light. The problems of his own life, his nation, made the universal problems the symbol of humans who are looking for happiness. Among the poets before the war, Sanusi was the greatest and most earnest. His poem Sijwa Nataradja is one of the greatest poems ever written in Indonesian. His essays are:
  • Pantjaran Tjinta (1926)
  • Puspa Mega (1927)
  • Madah Wandering (1931)
  • Kertadjaja (1932)
  • Sandhyakala ning Majapahit (1933)
  • The New Man (1940)

In addition, he also wrote two plays in Dutch: Airlangga (1928) and Eenzame Garoedavlucht (1929). In his work, the New Man taking place in India, all Sanusi plays are based on the history of the Hindu era in Java. He did have a serious interest in writing Indonesian national history. He wrote History of Indonesia (1942) which was completed six years later (1948) and Indonesia Throughout Time (1952) which was a critique of the way Indonesian history was written up to that time.

In 1934 he led the People's College in Jakarta and was active in journalism, including being the leader of the daily Awakening, then being the chief author of the Balai Pustaka Author Session. It was at this time that he participated in a polemic on cultural issues with Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana, Dr. Soetomo, Poerbatjaraka, and others.

Following10 Sample Poems from Sanusi Panewhich you can see:


Body light yellow as a golden,
Standing straight on the chariot of faith,
Dewa Candra came out of his palace
Pensive towards the far West there.
Flag fluttering in right hand, left hand
Leading the flame-breathing horse;
Once the god through the firmament,
Sprinkling silver down here.
The whisper of the night blows all over the earth,
As a song-merawan reed longing,
The trembling of the feeling elevates the silence.
Earth dreams and it groans inside
His dream, because he wanted to miss him more,
Because I miss being hugged by the Queen of the Night

To Ki Hajar Dewantoro

In the garden in my homeland
Grows a lotus flower;
hidden beautiful flowers,
No past person seen.
Its roots grow in the heart of the world,
Lakshmi's radiant leaves are concocted;
Even if people ignore him,
The lotus flower is gloriously resplendent.
Go on, O Happy Lotus
Radiant in Indonesian gardens,
Let a little park ranger.
Even if you are not seen,
Even if you are not interested,
You take care of the Ages


Where is the price of a rhyme essay,
Not in the meaning of the content,
In form, cute words
Look for the weight by choosing it.
The first question out of the heart,
After reading the poem,
So which is sacred,
Remember yourself in wisdom.
The feeling of being single when compiling,
Words that come flocking
From within, not looking for
Gotta go back in the reader,
As a shadow in the mirror,
Conscience must be shaken

Jasmine Flower

I arrange jasmine flowers
Under the midnight star,
To show how deep
Love enters the heart.
I sleep waiting for the morning
And dreams in happiness
Sit next to him
On the aisle of the rainbow
I wake up, but the sun
Already high on the horizon
And the worship is finished
O Soul, who waits for the day,
The day has come to light,
You dream, pensive negligent.

To R.P. Mr. Singgih

I feel new energy
Fills my soul and body;
My heart longs for the Kuru fields,
A place to fight, war always.
I feel like Pamadi,
After hearing the Master's words,
Narendra Krisyna, at Ksetra Kuru:
Burn to the council in the heart.
Nothing can cross
On the way to I mean:
Win fighting for my Queen.
The crown will be behind the stars
Lakshmi put it on the head,
All the gods are singing.


In my head it's designed,
Sheer crown of eternal flowers,
I've become free,
Already got eternal happiness.
I soar to the starry sky,
With shining eyes,
Extinct what transverse,
What used to bind me.
Come on, love, don't hesitate
Looking for a way; i precede,
Adinda now
Come on, beloved, come with me
Fly there, through,
own heart.

Taj Mahal
To Andjasmara

In the Taj Mahal, queen of palaces,
White and beautiful: rhyme marble
Silent pensive on the edge of Janma
On the tomb of Arjumand Begam
Who fought on the side of Shah Jahan,
Loving, gloriously glorious singing
In the endless night,
Describe the love of the world.
There, in sorrow,
I feel a beggar
In front of the gate of love
The soul screams, in the chakra of sorrow
Ah, my Beloved, call to the lord.
Only Jamna replied to the call.

Happy Land

Take me to that country, a happy place,
Fertile land, heated by love.
The sacred blue sky, the hope of love,
Surrounded by mountains of glorious peace.
Bring me to the continents pensively,
To the land of the lake of holiness, dazzling,
Crossed rivers of power of sheen,
Seduced by the wind whispering memories
Wanting the soul to go there goes unsaid:
My heart is torn apart every day,
Complaints do not stop for a moment.
O land of joy, shining gold of jewels,
In sorrow you sun,
When it's time to meet?

Wijaya Kesuma

Behind the mountain, far away,
Located in the garden of the gods,
The place to grow up to be Kesuma Wijaya,
Beautiful flower, mortal antidote.
Only a few know the way
From the country to there.
Fewer people,
Which can reach the garden gate.
According to the voice of Krisyna's flute,
Sounds sweet in the forest,
Calling you with hell trisna.
You are always called
Following the trial of collectors:
You are according to ordinary people.


I looked down smilingly:
Bandung faces in the fog.
Far away dreaming of Gede-Pangrango,
Like an island in a sea of ​​clouds.
gray sky,
Nature is gloomy.
And into my heart,
Enter slowly
I miss revenge.
My soul weeps with the soul
Shepherd singing in the valley.
Lament floats with the sound
Depth of gloom