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10 Examples of Sitor Situmorang's Poems

Sitor Situmorang and Examples of His Poems- Sitor Situmorang was born on October 2, 1924 in Harianboho, North Sumatra. His childhood was spent in a traditional environment, in an environment of oral literary traditions that speak the Batak language. Since childhood he listened to sermons in the Bible language, through translation into the Batak language. He likes to listen to folk songs. He was full of poetic ideas and literary forms without theory in various ceremonies.

His artistic blood was further honed when he was educated at school. He completed elementary and junior high school in the interior of the Batak. After he moved to Jakarta in 1941, he continued his education at various schools HIS, MULO, AMS. He has also deepened his knowledge of cinematography in Los Angeles, United States.

Sitor's poems by many observers are referred to as milestones that represent the new development of Indonesian poetry. Harry Aveling, Director of the Asian Studies School of Social Science at La Trobe University, Australia, sees that Sitor Situmorang's poems contain many reflections on his religious experiences as a Christian. He dubbed Sitor Situmorang the "great poet" because he continued to work for more than 60 years and produced more than 600 poems.

Not only poetry, Sitor is also involved in the world of translation. He translated John Wyndham, E. Du Perron, R. S. Maenocol, M. Nijhof. Sitor's various literary works have been published, including Surat Kertas Hijau (1953), In Sajak (1955), Unnamed Faces (1955), Drama Jalan Mutiara (1954), the short story Battle and Snow in Paris (1956). Other literary works, which have been published, include the New Age poetry (1962), the short story Pangeran (1963), and the Essay Sastra Revolutionary (1965).

It was this Revolutionary Literary Essay that imprisoned Sitor Situmorang in the Gang Tengah Salemba prison (1967-1975), Jakarta, without going through a judicial process. He was simply put into custody on charges of being involved in rebellion. Until he got out of prison, Sitor never knew what he had done wrong. Sitor was not allowed to enter detention with a pen or paper. However, even though he is in prison, Sitor is still looking for ideas to work.

He managed to release two literary works that he managed to compose while in detention, namely Walls of Time (1976) and Travel Map (1977). The two works were launched still in the status of Sitor not being free, 100% pure because when he was later released, Sitor again had to serve two years under house arrest.

His short story collection Battle and Snow in Paris (1956) won the 1955 national literary prize, the collection of poems Peta Journey received prizes from the Jakarta Arts Council 1976, autobiography: Sitor Situmorang Sastrawan 45, Poet Lake Toba (1981); local history: Toba na Sae (1993) and Guru Somalaing and Modigliani Utusan Raja Rom (1993).

Okay, buddy.. Admin thinks it's pretty clear about the explanation of Sitor Situmorang's life journey and his various literary works. Below are 10 of Sitor Situmorang's poems that you can listen to.

The Lost Child

A rich man had two sons,
Two teenagers of different temperaments,
Dear Father,
How will separate the blood?

The eldest son is diligent and diligent,
Farming, carpentry, caring for animals,
All day working in the garden,
Preserving ancestral heritage.

The youngest son likes to go to parties,
Cruises where young people gather,
Rice in the fields, animals breed in the mountains,
Be his right, without work.

Night goes, comes home in the early morning,
Work the Youngest all year round,
Leave the Eldest toiling,
Back at night closing the cage.

Finally the village is too quiet,
To the beauty, the market whiz,
Cut off – He's going to town, gone,
Armed with an inheritance given by my father.

Glorious city full of colors of the world,
Make the Youngest drunk happy,
Eating, drinking, joking,
With a good singing friend.

Wealth runs out – The land is starved,
The raging plague brings misery,
Remember the Youngest, how happy,
If only he was a servant at Father's house.

To live, the youngest took work,
Servant in people's house, lowest level,
Animal cages for lodging
To eat, given leftovers.

The youngest then realized, he had to go home,
(waving hometown)
Near Father among young slaves,
be a helper brother

One evening he came from afar,
Seen to my father on the embankment,
The place is waiting every evening,
Pray for the child to remember coming home.

The father ran to meet his son,
Hugged her while sobbing,
The youngest was touched, then prostrated:
“Father, I sinned. I deserve your slave."

The father immediately called relatives,
Ask the sheep to be prepared for sacrifice,
Celebrating the happy day of the people –
My son is gone, back in the lap!

From the field the Eldest returned,
Hear the crowd sing,
My daddy's a party, what's a novelty,
Excuse me, beyond my knowledge?

The neighbor said: Don't you know?
Your sister came home, from overseas,
So we feast, pour honey,
Drink wine to your heart's content.

The Eldest turned away, left alone.
In the middle of the sad field stands,
Think of fate, what a waste,
Spend your working life faithfully.

The father feels, the father sees,
The faithful child moans,
He comes, pleading lovingly:
Aren't you happy my dear child?
Your sister is home, after a long absence!
My love to you. All my treasure
is yours. This your sister
more than sheep, deserve pity!

The Eldest turned away, then ran to the house,
Meeting his sister, standing on the threshold,
They face to face, hands about to kill,
Lunglai – caress the crown of my dear sister.

Ancestral World

The forest is a shadow
ancestral spirit
enter the body

planting bamboo
let the hometown warm

green leaves
greener when it's lush

Woven by the wind
the spirit perched on the crown

stuck in the ground

knit live thread
the time i went through

hunter trail
in the mountains

in the moon night

live from silence
drink from weed leaves

be a genie
so palm fiber
be clay
become a rock
become a lake
be the wind
spun rope
my walk to that world

Malioboro Yogya Morning

Daily life rhymes
never ending,
chinese shop architecture rhythm
and the roofs of old Yogya

lift the dream
fly high
until you stumble
the peak of Merapi

reach the sky
(taxi drivers chat
in the hotel lobby
hook my presence on earth)

daily play
play every morning

Malioboro wakes up
in a flood of songs
modern street

meet the smell of tourists
trade colors and steps
village to city

the student
the young poet
the tramp

old myths
busy dating
with the city

my yoga
always old
always young
Good morning!

Advanced Cosmology

out-of-scale effect

turmoil –
crushed mastodon


frozen on the horizon

wind -

in the former jungle

dry grass


above the lava

frenetic tractor

stay wind –
rain -
Sun -

Borobudur One Day

the echo of the surrounding mountains
spell 30000 stonecutter
prayer 4000 stylist
remembrance 1500 engraver
solid in 2 million cubic andesite
temple building
a thousand years
golden bell
great monk
Gautama Siddhartha
led to longing
across time
level 5 court
at 1460 jataka
climb higher
on the ladder of dhukka sky
take off form
achieve release
in 3 suwung courts
32 x buddhas
24 x buddha
12 x buddhas
to the unseen
in the great stupa
present anatta
no color

To High Peak Climbers

In the blue air, 5000 meters above the sea,
Upright climber. black figure,
Curled by the gray cold wind,
At his feet snow. White bandaged peak.

My greetings to you, brave Son,
From your height looms samadi,
The conquering man, the eternal heir,
Great ideals, reaching the sky.

Space, man and earth intertwine,
In the light of the inventor's human eye,
Ready to dive yourself to the bottom of the heart,
Rising up to meet the sun.

In fear surely nests death,
In the fertile courage of human creation,
Peak after peak you climb,
For the calling of life to serve.

But the highest peak must be climbed,
It is the pain that lifts near
on divine power.

The dream

In all letters waiting for the name
On all letters await the name

On all water is attached a screen
On all the water drooping sails

In all eyes waiting for the light
In all eyes the light awaits

The Death of a Boxing Champion

Has happened too
Law of the gods
Don't give a name
what did he die?
Hear the story
Parent's story
I pass it on to the readers

All over the country he is famous champion
The champion who always wins
And people just give up
Hear all the stories
No one dares
No one wants
Refuting his words
In shops
When drinking palm wine fiercely

Besides being a champion, he is also a hunter
If not deer, wild boar are the prey
Where is the champion, also the hunter
Good at dancing
Make beautiful carvings
And strumming the harp...

He likes to get drunk
And when he curses
Nothing is wrong
But of all the victims
His wife suffers the most

Two children were born
One boy, one girl
None of his father's favorites
People say: "Where is it anyway?"
Son is born, father is at gambling.”

It's time for a boy to be married
It was negotiated
Child: I'm too young.
The father: Marry as you like, as long as you don't go blind
Mother: Marry, son, it's good to have friends
The girl is silent
Nothing comes out
Her heart is torn between a patient mother
And the cruel father.

Finally done
With the girl of his mother's choice
And the father was stubborn from the start
Just because it wasn't his choice

Year after year, champion getting older,
Girls are grown, but not married.
Also the son-in-law doesn't fulfill his wish
The grandson awaited did not come too.

“Where is only one boy
Son-in-law of dead fields
Kill you all."
That's the curse of the champion
In the days of losing gambling

The boy doesn't care
Decide to go wander
Said to the sobbing mother:
"I'm not going home, don't wait
Or you have to die."

stay mom
With girls
No one proposes, I'm afraid the father is cruel
Now only hunting
Forget gambling
And remember the child who left

Long awaited
News comes from afar
Daughter-in-law dies in the region
From the mother's throat let out a sigh:
“Such is fate
Nice birth
Abandoned the living
Left the dead."
Then he waits
In the shadow of the dim moon

They live together now
The old champion is gone
Marry again
Hope boy
Before death

No one came back
The winner gets three children
No boy
And one day
He feels old
Datu said:
“Have a party
Pray for God's grace
Invite the first wife
But children especially."

Champion with a heavy heart
Send a letter
Ask your wife and children to come
Then he waits

Homecoming messenger
Bring contradictory news
Children come, children do not come
The champion's heart is filled with doubt
Maybe come, maybe not
And to forget
He went hunting
Waiting for children's day
Maybe come, maybe not

He hunts on the mountainside
outside the village
All day
He's waiting

Towards the evening
In the village arrived children and wives
Champion doesn't know
Fun hunting

At night he is carried
Bloody chest
People say: "It can't be helped anymore
Death demands already."
Then laid in the middle of the house
Close to wife and children
Long awaited
Then die

Back already, back champion
Champions come home from deer hunting...

Climbing Merapi Gazing at Borobudur
(Twilight Dialogue)

on the cliffs of the valley
I see twilight
Merapi Crater

part of the pilgrimage
Sufi without tarekat

miss free
in longing

free time
and place

fall in the sigh of the mountain wind

in the clouds
go home with the birds
to the forest

enter the shadow
in freedom and

conversation without words

wrapped in the wind
and silence

inner universe

Look as Old as Earth

In the lines of her waist
the taluts of my longing slipped

in the pops of her hips
the future unfolds

on the edges of her navel
keep quiet

increase in unexpected
in the depths of his eyes

as old as the earth

Digital Password

The voice is clear
passion miss

read rhymes
by phone

innocent message
closed at the same time

in semiotic code
clear boundaries

between Markers
and the Marked

washed away by flood
language without words

want news

just a word

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