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10 Sample Poems of J.E. Tatengkeng

J.E. Tatengkeng and Examples of His Poetry-J.E. Tatengkengor the full nameJan Engelbert Tatengkengis a poet of the New Pujangga generation together with Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, Amir Hamzah, Sanusi Pane, Armijn Pane, and several other poets.J.E. Tatengkeng was born in Kolongan, Sangihe, North Sulawesi on October 19, 1907.

J.E. Tatengkeng was one of the lucky ones because he was able to get an education at that time. He started his education at a Dutch school, HIS, in Manganitu. He then continued it to the Christelijk Middagkweekscool or Christian Teacher Education School in Bandung, West Java. After that he attended Christelijk Hogere Kweekschool or Christian Teacher Education High School in Solo, Central Java.

From his poems, we can know a little about the life path taken by Tatengkeng in seeking the ultimate truth. His closeness to the Tachtigers literary school from the Netherlands brought the influence of western cultural thought in his life. But Tatengkeng could not find the truth he was looking for there. Finally, nature becomes Tatengkeng's escape. In some of his works, he depicts nature so beautifully, which expresses his closeness and admiration for nature.

Apart from being a poet, J.E. Tatengkeng is also a statesman. He served as the fourth Prime Minister of East Nusa Tenggara in the period 1949-1950. This position shows that Tatengkeng is also very active in politics. Unfortunately, there are not many records that record his other activities in the political-state field.

Poetry Collection:

"Missing Revenge". 1934. Solo: Chr. Derkkerij "Jawi" (Contains 32 poems)
"Desire of the Heart", "Little Child", "Sea", "Beethoven", "Evening", "Alice Nahon", "O, Star", "Image", "Light and Shadow", "You Say God", "Light Behind", "Willem Kloos", "Cry".

Poems in Other Magazines:
"Little Boys", "1st Class Passengers", "Balinese Girls", "Me Merits", "Gaja Cave", "My Love", "To the Hall", "A Silence of Creation", "Nowadays", "Me and My Friends" , "Lights and Shadows", "To the Cultural Advisory Council", "I'm Painted", "The Little (Time) Leader", "Meeting Satan".

"The Infected Datuk", "Pancacolored Shirt", "Singing Press Officer", "I Entered Dutch School", "Ten Days I Didn't Shower".

"Lena". Sulawesi. No. 1. Year 1. 1958

To get to know more about the genre of poetry that J.E. Tatengkeng expressed through writing, all of you can listen to the following 10 poems:

On the Mountain Slope

On the mountain slopes,
I'm pensive,
sit on the side,

You stare for a moment,
And understand the whisper of the soul.

pounding chest,
bright drawing,
After waiting,
How long will the time be,
Where our souls unite...

0, Live! how beautiful,
If you love ta' ordered,
only by yourself
it comes give!

I'm looking for an answer

At the spring, at the bottom of the pool,
I'm looking for answers to nature's riddles.

In the clouds, friends come here and
there, I'm looking for the answer there.

In the color of blooming flowers.
I read the answer, remove the doubt,

To the mountain of guardians of time.
I asked the truth of course,

On a reborn star,
I cry to answer God's riddles.

Into the heart, soul itself,
I dive answer! No divorce

Yes, Almighty God,
Give answers to nature's riddles.

0, God Most High,
I'll answer in the evening and morning

My heart thirsts for the truth,
Give me the answer in my heart now...

Art Feeling

Like a rolling flood,
Like a thunderstorm roaring,

That's how it feels
come time,

Flowing, hoarding, pressing encircle
Fulfill the soul, captivate the body.

The sweetness of the cold dew
The sweet whisper of the wind,

This is how the feeling
comes to each other,

Whispering, inviting, I rhyme,
Rowing the soul to a cold place.

If you come as strong as a giant,
Or you become as beautiful as a million,

I'm ready
will be devoted,

In your body reigns,
In your bosom reigns!

The Poet's Soul

O release one from confinement,
Continue to incarnate, Into Beautiful Words!
Let me fly,
Beyond the mountains, across the harungan,
Looking for Love, Love and Affection.

I don't want to be fenced in!
I like to fly high above,
Reviewing the life of various puspa,
In an infinite realm…

Don't want to be tied up tight,
I love being free to serve art,
I obey only a kind of condition,
Conditions for the movement of the spirit of art.

I love life! soul movement,
That shines in the eyes.

On the Beach, Evening Time

Small waves splash,
sri syamsu's glittering glance,
Calm-pleasing bright weather,
Reddish blue mountains all around.

Fishing boat friends,
Leave the bay in the harungan,
Vulnerable to the fisherman's song,
Memories of love.

Shamsu lurks behind the mountain,
The moon rises with a smile.

The author's heart is pensive,
Praise sense-rhyme collected.

The nature is quieter and quieter,
More miss Sukma singing.

Bright Moon

The silence of nature unfolds,
Calm clear air.

In the sky a thousand stars twinkle,
The moon shines with joy.

The wind blows steadily,
And whispers of liking.

The moon turns slowly,
Go to sunset where the competition is.

A sad heart becomes happy,
Joyful soul flies,
Because last night's longing was born:
Ribaan Hua that I remember,
I got light, love and affection,
And peace of mind within.

Under the tree

wind game wood leaves,
The light of shamsu lands on the branches,
Wayu blowing cold air,
Abundant flowers.

Sitting together in love,
Forget all creatures.

While stringing the strings of longing,
Connect our souls together.

My sister! Here we are happy,
Now love abounds in the eyes,
Longing love is hard to contain;
Good luck always be remembered,
The union of souls grows real,
Eternal, God's grace.


This place I'm not looking for,
Not by me the place chosen,
But God is already pleased,
I thrive on tickling!

My heart is really happy,
In the place he gave,
Here I shine light,
As He ordained!

Sea Pantun

Sitting on the beach at dusk,
Ride on the raft of the cradle of the waves,
While reflecting in the glass water,
The song of the waves is being swung again.

The big ocean is like a dream,
Don't move, just lie down
But look at the rock on the shore,
There the waves break loudly.

move in silence,
Silent in motion,
Crying in laughter,
Laughter in gloom,
Thus the soul accepts nature,
Making love, lamenting, longing for revenge.

O Words

It's even…
O word
two broken,
Which is said to be true,
By a broken body.

That's the word
there is news,
The greatest of all,
Cause by real words
God wins all commandments!
Cause said,
me along
By God given treasure
Happy universe.