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5 Examples of Ahmad Syubbanuddin Alwy's Poems

Ahmad Syubbanuddin Alwy and Examples of His Poetry1

3on any issues, including issues outside of literature.

OkayFriend, to find out more about the poet's literary work, which is often abbreviated as ASA, let's look at and absorb the meanings contained in5 poems by Ahmad Subbanuddin Alwybelow this.

Memories of a Quarter Century Ago

the streets are still bleeding, the twists and turns of the trees
foggy in restlessness,the noise of the battle
shattered into myarms all night, and...

I fell asleep looking at my body full of weeds
the thunder rolls, the shadows of death stretch out
the strands of sparks, the welts ofthe morning dawn, and the glimmer of
the galaxy's light celebrate the longloneliness. And like I never knew you
always, I recreate the Qibla arc to evacuate
and debris, also the cracks of time departing old
touched my heart with the remnants of memories, a quarter of a century ago:
the strains of dhikr, the ocean of takbir, and the tinkling of a gloomy drizzle
glowing from the incision of my days into a groan of poetry

On the slopes of my spiritual cliff, the splinter of childhood paints waves of painful cries on the gari,
the prayers of the Sufis fly up the stairs and the door of the sky of your forgiveness
the constellations drift away from the vortex of the sun's hull
The howl of the wind shattersmy supporting faith, but
like Ibrahim, I still findsecret signals and vibrations
the marble face of the moon, the expanse of the dark sea, then silence
in the distance, a thousand full moons gilded my tears
flowing and bleeding, kissing prayer mats and upstream soil

the minarets of the mosque soar, the holy verses are blooming
in the middle of the lotus pond that glorifies painfully in my chest cavity
like a pious man, I accept the roll of mud and scorched the marshes
also the coral peninsula, theboats of the rioters who came from
afar through the blood metabolismto blame the proud fiery fiber
later smeared half the city into an oil refinery, I brewed with joy
screams of abuse, shrill laughter and long strings of gun casings
Why did the poor village that you burneddown also turn to charcoal and imprison
me in the middle of the archipelago,rained with wine and the explosion of war?

now, I forget the memories of a quarter century ago of glorious childhood:
dam shore with fresh soil, algae sea and cloudy as snow
It's all over: the leaders force my way of thinking into soldiers and...

Cirebon, 1999-2000

Landep's Milk

Urip ning here,like curry sedepa
immediately wis dadi banyumata
rice field surrounded by leafhoppers, mrenganga
howling billboards gawe miserable
lenga lantung, gasoline and diesel fuel your chest

Urip ning here, like the universe godhong moringa
you're in a bad mood, curry a piece of underpants
mana-mene mentog, sikil may be long
srengenge gerumungan, umeb krowak ozone leaks
Molak-malik wind, Wis Sulaya and Dirty Ages

Urip ning here, it's a bitch like ning jero bui
sing gedhong the government,sira is avid dadi memedhi bli
rumangsa gawe sengsara,mledingi silit bari mungkur ati
Rayat jejemplingan is considered a stupid radio, stuffed with kemiti buttons
appendicitis, kebek spikes, weteng busung, a mountain rich in dead kebo

Ning kulon, wong-wong bli wirang dadi chameleon
ning wetan, wong-wong medheni are like heavenly
ning lor, wong-wong is grinning brightly, matae bolor
Ning Kidul, wong-wong crackles and ramps up just fine
don't worry, weru bli? Kabeh dadi Susub landep: robbing the country!

Cherbon, 2005

Apologia Pair of Eyes

Under the elongated expanse of the night
to the end of the pier, from the peninsula of the old towns:
maybe Batavia, or maybeSurabaya bay which is now
filled with inscriptions,nymphs, idols, dolls
condominium, and don'tforget the scratched year is also
an old warrior who isrestless playing the orchestra
still survive in the dim time, perpetuate the silence

But, in the drizzle, the glow of darkness and sparks
we are already nervous, entering other poor cities:
maybe the Land of Teapots, or the huts of the north sea coast
scattered among the fire trees, fishy fish, swamps
salt fields, and the shaking of the boats meditating on the chests of fishermen, facing the silence of the weather
the shards of days are like a hundred twilights swinging tiredly

And, under the expanse of the night, the stinging waves of the morning drizzle
again we find the remains of the memories of the city of revolution:
maybe a small metropolis,or a dot of mecca porches
dangling with craton cracks,temple graphics, labyrinths
like archaeology, some want to tell ancient stories
to you, which is written and painted on a pair of eyes

Cirebon, 1996

Bagong Republic

Sawise, after ten years, Urip Kayadied, was sprayed by Banaspati
Getih, Bari Banyumata, KangGerememeng, umeb Ning immediately ati
ngatonaken old dedhemit: wong-wong duwur pencilakan
wot-wot kreteg rayat rickety, gejog cemera, kaing-kaingan
jegoge mbobok srengenge covered in pitu, broke the eye tunnel
Sewu giant kemaruk mbeseti sededeg-sepengadeg crown
dalan-dalan kobong, kabeh werna has a lot of purple holes
the world is like drunk, the gedong of the government is carried away

Hey, don't be silly, don't be silly,ira kabeh dadi lesoft wong kapiran
sing sejero well leng ant geni,suwara rayat will scream against

Urip wis bought puguh: sengkuni,petruk, cakil, dorna and kumbakarna
on dadi kunyuk mask, kukuluruknampeki rayat kang ngresula's cheeks
roaming bari gnawing at thelading, sikile besimpung, scissor
slicing ribs, grabbing hair,ndondomi cangkeme kang cleft
naleni ati kang geseng-rumpeng diungkebi wangwa, bobad and sakwasangka
cengkeromed and lenggarangan, suddenly breaking into the country's gate
Crazy flashes of saneness for a moment, the shimmer is like a blarak torch
kabeh exactly jaran lumping, twirling like kemidi, like drinking wine

Hey, just don't worry, Ira KabehDadi, as long as Atie Rayat Sing
Bunbune, baby Kang is still pure,will attack the people of the universe

Sawise urip telung ten years like rungseb robbed suket reeds
the whole crew growak ngowak-ngawik, earth lindu, srengenge njomplang
awit immediately kang bengkah dadi gili dragon, sukma Sewaya-waya Kaya ara-ara
the enom boys brawl duwur wuwungan, hit the pier screen
Rayate's representative on Sampyong, staggeringly spouting out
buy kelingan purwadaksina, kekirig ndeleng awe-awe hand batur sedulur
swaying ning sorog-sorog gedong government, struggling like nursing
maesi raine dhewek, dadi wewe-gombel and merkayangan crazy fucks

Come on, let's just have a little heart, ning soft, kang must be buried in a pitu well
Come on, let's get down - keep kneading your mind, cover your mind and just say it: rub it for yourself!

Cherbon, 2001

Rose Note

Rose in my hand
How beautiful I planted in Your house
Rose in my heart
How fragrant is it when I tuck it in your robe
Rose in my mouth
How sad if I paint in Your tears
Roses in my ink
How many drops if I pour in Your name
Roses in my prayers
Have you reached your distance?

Yogyakarta, 1986