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5 Examples of the Best Motivational Poems

Examples of Motivational Poems That Build the Soul- Everyone, including all of you, definitely need motivation when you feel down and under the pressure of life. Motivation can be obtained from various sources including from poetry. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many people to look for motivational poetry to fulfill the needs of their souls who are being hit by turmoil, despair, and sadness.

Motivational poetry is usually born from deep thoughts and life experiences of the poet. So that the words that are born in the poem are able to evoke the passion of life.

The motivational poems below are selected and collected from various sources and are expected to be able to meet our needs and can burn our adversity into a tempestuous spirit.

Here are 5 examples of selected motivational poems that you can see.

Be optimistic

If suffering will become a thing of the past in the end,
So why should it be lived with sorrow,
Being stubborn will be more beautiful to be remembered later.

If sadness will be a thing of the past in the end,
So why not just enjoy it,
While weeping will not change anything.

If hurt and disappointment will be a thing of the past in the end,
Then why should it be allowed to poison the soul,
Patience and patience are more important.

If hatred and anger would be a thing of the past in the end,
So why should it be spread to the heart's content,
Being restrained is more rewarding.

If mistakes will be a thing of the past in the end,
So why sink into it,
While repentance is more important.

If treasure would be a thing of the past in the end,
Then why should you want to be confirmed yourself,
While generosity will multiply it.

If intelligence were to be a thing of the past in the end,
Then why should you puff out your chest and cause mischief in the world,
Meanwhile, humans are asked to lead the world in order to prosper.

If love would be a thing of the past in the end,
So why should you want to have and always be together,
Being giving will reap more meaning.

If happiness would be a thing of the past in the end,
So why do you have to feel it yourself?
Sharing will make it more meaningful

If life would be a thing of the past in the end,
Then why should it be filled with sheer futility,
While so much good can be created.

One day,
When all is in the past
I want to be among them
The one lying on the rug
While chatting with the neighbors
Tell each other about what they have done in the past
Until they get the gift.

open new spirit

Stay sad, stay sad
Life is so precious
Don't fall in love
Don't be disappointed

Opportunity only once
Even a second means so much
Get up soon start again
Reaching for hope, reaching for a dream
Let it be wasted
Let's not repeat mistakes
Let's stand up and fix ourselves
For the sake of civil life

No need to complain
Don't complain about the failures
Colorful journey
Tread joy

Running day songs
Assume the world is endless
Face it bravely
Don't give up regret

All that's left is
Let's take a new step
New spirit sheet
To protect your future

Be Useful
(By Douglas Malloch)

If you don't be a pine on the top of the hill
Be a thicket in the valley,
But, the best little grove by the river

Be a bush if you can't be a tree
If you can't be abush, be a blade of
grass and make theroad more cheerful

If we can't be a muskie
fish, be a sea bass
But be the liveliest sea bass on the lake

We can't all be captains,
we have to be crew.

There's always something for us here
There are big and less big things to do
And the task we have to do is the closest one

If you can't be a road, be a path
If you can't be the sun, be a star
It's not size that makes you win or lose

Whatever you are, be the best.

Al Hadid

When a piece of iron becomes
an iron spear, you never know
what is he used as a spear for?

When a piece of iron becomes
a knife, you never know
why is he a knife

When a piece of iron
becomes a pin you never know
why is he a pin

Unless one day the
spear becomes a killing tool
and lodged in the left heart
of the spear complained
I don't want to be like this

That's the knife
when it finds itself
in the neck as a
knife slasher groan
I don't want to be like this

When the iron that becomes
a weapon changes its function
secretly grateful pin
"I became a Sufi's clothespin
every day I was taken
bow down and be
grateful for God's blessings
I don't want to
break, let me rust

Hard Stone of Life

This life is hard as hard
as a black river stone
blackened because of the hard struggle

Life is a struggle
Struggling toreach the hopes and
dreams of life is ashard as the struggle

If you dare to live you
must be ready to fight
You have to be ready to face the harshness of life

The rigors of life willnot only make you tough,
but the rigors of lifeare the path to success

There are no words to give up
There are no words to stop
Giving up and quitting
are taboos for life fighters

The struggle will never stop
Even though you have succeeded
you still have to keep fighting
because life is a struggle

Never be lulled by success,
never be lulled by pleasure
because they will drown
because they will plunge

Life must alwaysbe alert, danger
always comes whenwe are complacent
life must always be aware of our
weaknesses thatare hard to avoid

We really have to
always try hard forever
relentless efforts to get
what we want to have

Even so we should also know

Humans themselves
have no meaning

There is still a God
there who is always there
Don't forget to pray to Him

Life is a struggle
that never ends
with a great spirit
with a strong will
we can get the
success we expect.