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5 Examples of Poetry Jose Rizal Manua

Examples of Jose Rizal Manua's Literary Works- Jose, his nickname, from the full name of Jose Rizal Manua, is a name that is quite well known in theater and literature circles. Apart from being active in theater and receiving many awards, he is also an interesting reader of poetry, especially humorous poetry.

Jose Rizal Manua was born in Padang, September 14, 1954. Since he was not even 20 years old, he has been in Jakarta, and in 1972 he entered Taman Ismail Marzuki, a place where artists meet and create.

Jose Rizal Manua is an artist and poet. In addition, he also founded a children's theater called Teater Tanah Air.
Together with this Homeland Theater group, he also had time to travel the world to perform theater performances such as in Germany, Japan, Russia and even at UN headquarters in commemoration of The United Nations Universal Children's Day.

He is an artist who gave birth to many humorous poems. When they read their poems, other artists say why do you use humor plus humor or what is humorous poetry, just poetry. But there is a soothing message, "you just go on, don't mind them", said Rendra. Who would have thought that the curses and insults and insults would turn around. "It turned out that those who criticized me actually sent their poems for me to read," said Jose.

In fact, these humorous poems also have many meanings, not only humorous but full of social and even religious criticism. “I am sure that humorous poems will find their place in people's hearts if we look at situations and life that are so complex, people need to relax their brains, so they don't always get tensed. So humorous poems, I think, are one of the means to anticipate that, so there is also a prospect with humorous poems”, he said.

Below are 5 examples of poetry resulting from Jose's creative process in the form of poetry. Please listenyesbro..

Basic Food or Any Comment

The ministerwhose only job is to
correct the name isthe reckless minister.
Even the price was acrobatic.

In shambles
law in tatters
In the crack
judge in oprak:
Those who were attacked were tried and put in jail.

Those who invaded were protected and received tribute.
The clerk whose work likes to claim is called the clerk of the diaput.
Even the carbon is set.

Inverted reverse
back and forth karma
On the oglek-oglek
chairs in oglek-oglek:
Those who called for reform were shot at.

Those who admit to corruption are told to hide.
Oh, lah plekencong, plekencong of the economy!
Politicians whose work is sleepy in court are called politicians who stay up late.
Even shouts of agreement were invited.

O, lah plekencong, plekencong lying stability!
A conglomerate whose wealth is taken away is called a depraved conglomerate.
Even defecating on the plane.

In shambles
law in tatters
In the crack
judge at oprak
Inverted reverse
back and forth karma
On the oglek-oglek
chairs at oglek-oglek
This is the new basic food,
the name is just basic food.

Or ANY Comment.

Jakarta, May 1998

Humans Want If You Can

After leaving from just being a
trader and having a shop house
Humans want television,
refrigerator and Honda duck
after leaving from just being an entrepreneur
and have a super market
humans want
laser disk, baby benzand orchid garden after
being separated fromjust a conglomerate
and have a condo
man wants a yacht,
floating hotel and golf course
after leaving from just being a trader
after leaving from just being an entrepreneur
after leaving from just being a conglomerate
humans want
don't die
If you can…

KKN rhymes

KKN is not a Real Work Lecture,
nor is the GrinningHorse Condom.
Others can debate about
Collusion, Corruption and Nepotism.

Because in fact the wheels of the economy
spinning in circles
family and close relatives.

“Kulik, kulik eagle
crow in the back.
Kidnap people
greedy child in the groin"

Where is the old octopus moss
play company pawns
with hundreds of hands.

From upstream to
downstream from fur to testicles
rooted nepotism
bearded collusion
and gray hair corruption

Bend there, bend here,
fold there, elbow here
brush there, close here,
supply there, bribe here
leak there, leak here.

The chasm of lifeis opening wider,
already destitute andstill being brushed.
Slamming on the overhang of the road
staggering without a handle.

“Eagle licks
crow in the back.
Kidnap people
greedy child in the groin"

KKN is not a Real Work Lecture,
nor is the GrinningHorse Condom.

Jakarta, 23-25 ​​May 1998

Dreaming of being President

Pensive on the toilet
Dreaming, so

Sengseng Tengtes Brebet Recipe!

So the magicians took out colorful paper from the mouth of the dower
who mostly munches on popcorn, pizza, kentucky hamburgers, in European-american restaurants, and makes mushrooms out of their saliva on a long sheet of paper that sticks out like a river's tongue toward the freeway,
Then wrapped around the luxurious buildings around Pondok Indah Cinere, Bumi Serpong Peace, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pluit, Pulo Mas, Sunter Hijau, Kelapa Gading Indah, and the Monas Monument. The rest snuck into computer machines fiddling with the stock exchange and bad credit,
but in the jungles of Borneo giant saws, giant bulldozers constantly growl, uprooting trees with a thud,
wake up endangered animals that are constantly being evicted can't protest,
except for a shrill scream of sorrow into the void.