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5 Examples of Selected Heart Poems

Examples of Poems about Heart and Love-Feelings of love and liking that arise from the human heart are natural and of course difficult to avoid. With so easy access to communication technology, it is almost impossible for young people today not to be tempted not to have relationships with the opposite sex.

The emergence of liking for the opposite sex is a natural thing because there may be many factors that cause us to like the person such as because of his kindness, intelligence, beauty, good looks, politeness, gentleness, and patience.

Loving and being loved can be said to be natural and even normal, in fact it would be very surprising if we do not have a sense of liking or love for the opposite sex.But it is unfortunate that most people are wrong in responding to these feelings because they are only accompanied by lust alone.

Create a friend whoMuslimneed to know toothat love in Islam is not always related to the relationship between a man and a woman. Islam even prohibits the relationship between men and women who are not mahram.Love in Islam is something that has a very broad scope, it can be in the form of loving each other between fellow living beings, loving the environment, or even loving oneself without being arrogant or selfish.

Love that comes from the heart is always synonymous with a sense of care and affection. Likewise with love in Islam, its form can be in the form of a sense of care and affection. This of course can be realized in various ways, where one way to love Islam is to love Allah by surrendering to Him.

Here you have to be able to regulate how you manage that love so you don't go the wrong way and don't fall into the devil's tricks. If that person can control that love to a good placeGod willingit will all end well, but if you do not maintain that love properly, then you will fall into the lust that is deliberately created by Satan, which will eventually fall into disobedience and make our lives destroyed.

You can see the love poems about the heart below as a comparison that basically loving and being loved is human nature. Please take a look, bro...


I'm tired of walking
Wading through the silence of a thousand nights
Stumbling without a definite direction
Live endless time

Wound after wound is embedded in the heart
Daydreaming hurts the soul
The fear of love often rings in the ears
Whispering shakes the faith

I try to ask the vast ocean
I didn't hear a word of answer from him
Only the roar of the big rolling waves
The one who erodes the strength of the coral stands strong

Arrogant mountain standing
As if you don't care about my fate
Indecisive my heart looks up at the endless sky
Like a weed that sways aimlessly


Black gray silent clouds
The sky is crying wet the earth
A million fragile dreams swallowed by time
Gone is the storm wind blowing

Withered flowers grow thorns
Dry eaten by the cruelty of time
Beautiful world covered in disaster
Even though the stars come to say hello

This really hurts
See what happened
Maybe I'll stay here
Until death calls me back

Heart Lantern

I've been alone for a long time
Missing the light that can illuminate
So as not to get lost in the footsteps
So that the heart is no longer silent

Even if it's just a lantern
Maybe it's more for me to have
Can accompany me in the lonely dark
In uncertain solitude

My longing for love
Grabbing my heart and soul
Torture and whack in his cradle
Stop in my heart, O lantern

Love Melody

Dancing fingers
The harp is getting louder
The strains of a serene song begin to sing
Clink after clink accompanied by beautiful poetry

Close your eyes for a moment
Looking far to the bottom of the heart
Seen a happy smile
Cheers dancing and singing

The plucking of the harp is getting louder
The more beautiful it feels sad
Melody after melody as if to say
Tell me about the beauty of love

Dot of Love

Beautifully engraved in the shadows
Flatter and praise in your heart
Even though the water has told a story
But the leaves and the wind are still mute

Still I try to run
But the feet are reluctant to take another step
Regret is now starting to penetrate the heart
Wrap tightly to close the pulse

Lonely and empty left behind
No tone no rhythm
The drier in eating cruel age
All that's left is a broken love story