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5 Examples of Selected Hero Poems

Examples of Poems about Heroism- Buddy all must have known the meaning contained in the word hero. To remember more, let's look again at the notion of a hero.

Hero means a person who stands out for his courage and sacrifice in defending the truth or it can be said that the hero is a valiant warrior. A hero does not require payment, appreciation, or praise from the public. A hero only aspires to uphold truth and justice. Heroes will feel uncomfortable if a truth begins to be disturbed and begins to be corrupted. Heroes will not allow evil, malice, cruelty and injustice to exist in this world. They will do their best without fear to fight for the truth to stand tall even if they have to sacrifice their wealth and even their lives.

So, who is the hero?

Anyone who has the above characteristics and traits, deserves to be called a hero. It doesn't matter if it's a pedicab driver, street sweeper, volunteer traffic controller, teacher, even our own parents. Heroes are not just what the media describes, such as Spiderman, Superman or other superhero characters. In fact, there are many heroes around us who are sincerely fighting for the truth.

Then, can we be heroes?

Very possible. We are young people who have a lot of potential. We are also young people who care about the truth. If we are loud in voicing the truths of the oppressed then we can become a HERO.

So, let us cultivate our courage, our sincerity, to fight for the truth.

Here are 5 examples of poetry about heroism that you can see.

A Bloodstained Jacket
Taufik Ismail
A jacket covered in blood
We've all been staring at you
The great sorrow has gone
In the pain of many years.

A river limits us
Under the hot Jakarta sun
Between freedom and oppression
Armored and armored
Shall we back off now
Saying 'Goodbye Struggle'
Pledge allegiance to tyranny
And wearing the waiter's oversized clothes?

That shabby banner, yes that banner
We've all been staring at you
And on top of the buildings
Bow the flag at half mast.

The message has gone everywhere
Through passing vehicles
Beca brothers, port coolies
Shouts on the city bus, mighty marches
Procession of the corpse to the cemetery
They said
Everyone said
Continue the Struggle.

Raden Ajeng Kartini
Davit Marcela Ananda
Who is the heroine?
Always remember April 21
Raden Ajeng Kartini
Why are you not remembered every day

You are willing to sacrifice
For the sake of Indonesian women
Educating women
With patience and sincerity

Raden Ajeng Kartini
Maybe my mother is like this because of your services
You are an example for Indonesian women
Thank you my hero

After rain comes sunshine
After sad to be happy
After hard becomes easy
After defending, you fall

Thank you thank you
Through the stanzas of my poetry

Education Hero
You serve the country
Educating country children
To be a devoted person
Teaching the successor of the Indonesian nation.

You are my teacher
Faithful to teach me
I am blind to knowledge
I don't know what the world means
But your presence
Let me know what the world is?

You are my teacher
My second parent
Teach me about new things
What I've never known
If people ask who made me
Knowing a lot of things?
It's the teacher that I call

In my prayers to God
I always mention your services
The infinite
In my prayer to God
I always ask that you
Always kept in his arms

You are my teacher
My education hero
My knowledge hero
My life's hero
What should I reply
For your service?
Only God can repay you
And heaven is the right place for you

Selfless Hero
Safriella Madania
Teacher ...
Selfless hero
Teach us
Guide us
In its simplicity
You are a lamp in the dark

Push me
Be smart
Give me knowledge
Useful knowledge
Hope ...
I'm a successful child

What can I do?
With all the services and love
Can only thank you from these lips
can only hope,
God give him happiness

Thank you, teacher
I'm successful now
But, I can't repay all your services
The big one
The immeasurable
You are always a hero
For future generations

Song From The Last Squad
Asrul Sani
On the last tap to Jogja,
the doubt has come to light
the sky has hung gloomy
the words collide on their own meaning.

Worry has come to the flame
and love for thehomeland will be
bullets in the blood and the
value that isscattered all the time
ask about the end of the exam
die or not die

O General, father,father, do you
not want to say forthe umpteenth time
or a loss of faith
only right remains imperfect
and later the writingthat has been made
temporarily will be lostin the wind, because
he dwells in dry sand

O General, we who are now
dying can no longer see gray
Indonesian swimming ocean.

O General, we who will now
become earth,sand, stone and water
we love this earth

Ah why on these days, the sun
doubt about itsappearance, and uncertain
on the light thatwill be sent to earth.

General, let's
General, let's go ahead
let's get rid of the dispute of speech
and the vengeance of the will on the defects of belief,
you with us, you with us,

Let's leave our mother let's
let the wife and lover pray
Come on, general, let's once
this degree theseeker in danger,
come on generals come on generals come on...