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5 Examples of Usmar Ismail's Poems

Usmar Ismail and Examples of His Poetry- The writer that we will discuss about biodata and examples of his current literary works is Usmar Ismail. He was born March 20, 1921 in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, died in 1971 in Jakarta. His education was at AMS-A II Yogyakarta and Jakarta High School until he graduated (1943).

During the Japanese occupation, Usmar Ismail began writing poetry, short stories, essays, and plays. Then his activities lead to the world of film: he directs and writes screenplays, sometimes also serves as a judge for film festivals.

During the Japanese occupation,
hefounded Playa Maya (early 1944) as a counterweight to the propaganda agency of the Cultural Center. After Indonesia's independence,hemoved from Jakarta to Yogya and founded the magazine Army and Patriot. These magazines turned into daily newspapers and the cultural and literary magazine Arena . After the Second Military Action of December 1948,hewho works as an Antara political journalist who came to Jakarta, was detained by the Dutch for four months on charges of taking part in a subversive action.

Out of prison he deepened his knowledge in the world of film, by joining the South Pacific Film Corporation. He also founded the Indonesian National Film Company (Perfini, 1950). Then attended lectures at the Faculty of Theater Arts at the University of California at Los Angeles at the expense of the Rockefeller Foundation (early 1952) for eight months. Then review Western Europe, especially Italy.

The following are his literary works: An Empty Place, Mutiara from Nusa Laut (1944), Sad and Joyful (1948), Puntung Berasap (1950), and Peeling Film (1983, editor J.E. Siahaan). A number of other works are in the anthology Gema Tanah Air (1949) composed by H.B. Jassin and Indonesian Literature in the Japanese Period (1948) by H.B. Jasmine too.

Here are 5 examples of Usmar Ismail's poems that you can see.

Attacked by Feelings

What to say
If feelings run rampant
Just restless inside
Like waiting for something that won't come
The twinkling lamp of hope
Don't want to go out, just weak all joints

Increasing restless heart
Sansitation, disappointment,inflamed restless
hate, revenge...........longing,love.........

Ah, the rain ispouring when the wind
is blowing hard,splashing your face
then it subsides.......... calm down..........

In the pool of water
Hope returns, strength is getting real
From before, before the soul
Flavored ...............................

Free Way
To my homeland

Once I wake up in your clutches,
From within the dark abyss
You took me to the roots of my soul
You lift me up
Staring at the face of Suria Merdeka..............
Blind I was shone withthe pleasures of brilliant
light, dragged away bythe passion of your love,
then you throw me on
the beach nothing real!

You have crushed me
Unite with your light
There's no way I'll recede again
Until your water suffocates your light in my death...........
Will blow the wind
From the edge of my grave to every corner,
Bringing the blessings of Independence Day .............
And bow to me
In the presence of my Lord waiting
My final verdict in the afterlife!

We Fight

I woke up, jumped to sit.
I glance around,
I see the day is bright, the sky is clear
It's been a long time since the dawn
Blow air
legal chest,
I step on the ground
No guyah.
I hear a whisper
My heart is vulnerable:
"We are at war
We are fighting!”

As a heart-warming song
Awaken the longing and forbidden desire
Want to go to the field ridlah invaded:
"Along with you, you are fighting!"


Image, you are a shadow
Next morning
Citra, you're restless at night
In the gloomy fog

You embrace the dark night
Final hug
You lift the curtain of fog
And sheath
Drown you see
In the jungle of the night
You open a new morning
Twilight of your life

Image, you are eternal shadow
In the fog of dawn

I hear the call to prayer

I hear your call to prayer at dawn
Worshiping God hoping for protection,
Your voice spreads my jakin seeds grow
This time, you are the bearer of the glorious era
My body is cold all over
Tjair's blood flows hot