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5 Famous Romantic Love Poems

Beautiful Romantic Love Poems Indonesian Poets- Many poems have been born from the creative process of humans to express various feelings and contents of the heart. The poems that are implied or expressed in these various media have their own character and uniqueness from one another. This indeed cannot be separated from the existence of poetry itself which tends to be a unique form of communication. Through poetry, readers not only try to interpret the content with reason, but can also feel the content with the heart.

Poetry can also change our thoughts and views on something. Therefore poetry is widely used in various purposes. For example, being a song lyric that can inspire enthusiasm or poetry that can make emotion and cut the heart. The purpose of poetry can be very personal but it can also be social.One form of personal poetry that is often created through the hands of poets is romantic love poetry.

Here you can read 5 romantic poems from 5 famous poets that were created with the heart. Each of the poems below has a strong character in each of his poems. Please take a look, bro..

Poetry rhymes
Mostofa Bisri my love for you
has never been an example
Romeo's love for Juliet, Majnun Qais for Laila
nothing yet
our farewells are more meaningful
compared to the meet-and-greet of Yusuf and Zulaikha
our longings exceed adam eve's longing for revenge
I am your ocean wave
who run-come for you
the rain that flashes and thunders over your

clouds I am the fragrance of your flowers
the blood of your thorns
breezy until your windstorm

I'm your bird chirping
the fog of your mountain
peak, your fortune

I am your letter dots
the letters of your words
your meaning words

I am a hot glare
and the warm shadows of your sun
Earth surrender your sky

I am the body of your spirit
fayakun kunmu

I am me

From a Farewell
Sometimes it's good for us to grieve,
To feel how happy
It's time for us to rejoice
Sometimes it's good for us to cry,
To feel how sweet
It's time for us to laugh
Sometimes it's good for us to languish
To feel how happy
When we are happy

And if now we part
That's a good thing too
To feel how intimate
If in time
We are destined to meet again

Medy Loekito what is
the meaning of a dream
when sleep is scattered on the nights without
My voice is looking for your
presence from dawn to dusk
stuttering like lightning without a
thunder while temporarily drowning all hope

The world is like a sunken
ship sinking into infinite depths
nothing is more certain than
darkness when the moon loses its light
and the lightning loses its lightning, is
there more sorrow than a longing heart?
how i want to see your face
to the vanity that is familiar to me now

Farthest Rose
Nirwan Dewanto
You are the seed of the morning
rain, I am the old umbrella of envy.

You're the tears on the fingertips,
I'm the handkerchief of the sun.

If you're in a red dress, I'll
have a hand on your belly.

But you are also a pool of
blood, when I don't love you.

You're the mirror too waiting,
I'm the face that purifies you.

Spill all the blood, until
your heart is full of coals.

You are the owner of the full day
rain, I'm the umbrella too hidden.

Come on, hurry to the gray January,
for I'm drooping to the edge of the song.

Twilight Girlfriend
Joko Pinurbo
Twilight invites her boyfriend to sit on the beach.
The beach is deserted and no one will care.

Twilight's boyfriend is very quiet: he just smiles
listen to twilight jokes. When the sun asks for a hug,
only half, twilight's boyfriend blushed.
"Only when it's dark. Shame to see the landscape.”

Love is like a cold blooded poet
good at incising wounds.
Missing is like a simple poem that never dies.
It doesn't feel like silence has arrived: twilight knows
looking away to the horizon, leaving the twilight girlfriend
who was still gasping for air by the twilight kiss.
“Why did you leave me before you could
trim back the time? How quick to kiss
be used. How bad it is to miss.
Watch out, I'll hug you out tomorrow."

The beach was dark. Some can't sleep.
Twilight boyfriend gradually melts, melts, bubbling
in the roar of the waves.