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5 Sample Poems for Beloved Father

Selected Poems for Dad- Having an ideal father for the family is very important. In the family, apart from being the child's educator and also being the person in charge of the family, the father also has a vital role as the head of the family to keep the household head on a straight 'rail'.

Based on a study, the role of fathers shows that the closeness of fathers with their children has a strong psychological effect on children. This can optimize children's intelligence. Even the theme in the book The Role Of The Father in Child Development by Michael Lamb states that the ideal father is a father who has enough free time for his children.

The closeness that is built between the child and the father if it is always intertwined in harmony it will create beautiful memories in the child's mind.

Following5 examples of poetry about beautiful memories between children and fatherswhich you can see.

Father's Sacrifice

Dawn has greeted my morning
you make your daya day for sacrifice
sacrifice looking for sustenance
sacrifice to finda new beginning

You taught me themeaning of struggle
you taught me themeaning of success
dad maybe without you i can't be like this..
maybe without you i can't stand in the middle of my dream..
dream to achieve success
dream to achieve victory...

Missing Daddy

Khairis only

God, we miss that figure

a father who always guides

a father who always guides

a father who always guides

God, we miss that figure

that time can't go
back it comes only once
but able to leave so
many memories about dad
in our hearts

God, we miss that figure

my father also felt peace
and happiness like us,
who continues to live
without a father in our midst

God, we miss that figure

that all that you created
definitely go back to your house
after we one by one complete
the mandate that you gave
even though so many
of us don't realize that...

God, we miss that figure
one end in our life
allow us to be together
again, someday in heaven
with my beloved
father and elders
who have preceded us

For Beloved Father

Remember when you were
little you hugged me spoiled
it's so beautiful it feels to me
the warm freshbreath of your body

You taught me to dream and
do you taught me to be the best
advice, your orders
are thick in memory
until now i'm growing
up i miss that love daddy

God please convey
a million love for dad
I promise I will always love

Oh, dad..
I really love you, I
feel empty without you
If that secondwould roll back, I
miss the atmosphereto wash my soul
happy from your love I will
never forget untilthe end of my life

Your Majesty

Beneath the sharp sting of
the sun stands a strong man
persistent struggle with power and age
to make a living

Your sweat flows profusely,drenching your hopes, your
tired and weary, like asincere work of art you do
It's really great because thereare no words to complain among
them all continue to fight orsacrifice for the one they love

When the sun is tired of shining
fathers are still fighting for their children
watering and engravingadvice for the provision of his
child is not too bored,continue to fight for his hopes
when tired of controllinghis body, he still has a smile
full of authority, neatlywrapping the pain of your struggle
I couldn't see it at the time....
curled up tired withsimplicity waiting
for time to returnto fight for his family
Wrinkled skin, jet blackcolor of your skin is
your glorious witnessfor your children.....

Daddy My Everything
you have said a thousand words,
a thousand love you have given
You have given a thousand
love just for your child

You taught me about kindness You
showed me aboutthe meaning of love
You explained tome the meaning of
life and you educatedme with true love

how noble your heart you
sacrificed everythingfor your child
you work hard just for your child

Now I promise forall the hard work
just for you I promisefor all your love
And I promise to your sincerity
that I will alwaystake care of you
I will always loveyou until the end of
my life thank youdad for all your love