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7 Examples of Beautiful Eid Poems That Make Haru

Collection of Eid Poems & Sentences - There is always something left behind every time there is a departure, there is always something that is carried away when left. Likewise, when Ramadan goes to pick up Eid al-Fitr which is soon approaching. There is always something left behind, in the form of memories. Memories of our behavior. Bad behavior should not continue to decline, good should be increased. So what brings you when you leave? What is carried away are memories too. Has there been a change for the better? Should we still find Ramadan in the coming year? And, do we deserve to feel the day of victory? Let us reflect.

Eid al-Fitr is a special day, a day of victory for Muslims who have been fasting for a full month of Ramadan. After competing in worship with the hope of abundant rewards, it is time to receive forgiveness for all mistakes and sins. Another specialty, on the day of fitri, all humans seem to be competing to admit fault to other humans and also competing to forgive each other to others.

Here are 7 selected poems & sentences about Eid that leave traces of the beauty of forgiveness on Eid for all of you. I hope it will be effective and useful...


Eid Poems & Sentences #1

Fasting trains to resist desire
Tarawih trains steadfast against fatigue
Tadarus trains patience against laziness.

Ramadan is a training day
Eid is a time of victory
Happy Eid Al-Fitr.

Please forgive all mistakes
Your sympathy is amazing
Your manners are beautiful and charming
Your words are warm and reassuring.

Sorry that you gave to make
this Eid day very memorable.


Eid Poems & Sentences #2

Allah shows the way of
truth by revealing the Quran.

Humans achieve happiness
by walking the path of truth.

Eid will be full of happiness
if you forgive all mistakes.

Here I stand full
of self-awareness
on the many thorns
I stabbed my heart.

For the sake of our good
relationship, I beg you on Eid day
please erase all
sins and mistakes
what I've done.


Eid Poems & Sentences #3

When Ramadan has passed,
the echo of takbir keeps on ringing
only heartfelt dhikr for the
divine owner of the throne.

When takbir has resounded
nothing is more meaningful
in addition to the door of forgiveness
that is opened for human error.

Happy Eid, hopefully the
practice will be accepted
during ramadan.


Eid Poems & Sentences #4

How beautiful Eid is when
you are willing to forgive
how cheerful Eid will be when you
say beautiful words full of apologies.

How warm Eid is when you
give mutual understanding
how complete Eid will
be if I get your forgiveness.


Eid Poems & Sentences #5

I want to wash your heart from my
mistakes so that it can be replaced
with the fragrance of
sincerity to forgive me.

The smell of sorry has begun to
spread, closing Ramadan beautifully
welcome the coming of the holy day full of blessings.

O Allah, forgive us who
often hurt our brothers
with lies, prejudice and broken promises.

Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum.


Eid Poems & Sentences #6

The short one is time
The closest is the heart
The big one is lust
What's heavy is trust
What is difficult is sincerity
It's easy to sin.

However, what is beautiful
is if we want and can
forgive each other.

Happy Eid Al-Fitr, sorry
to be born and inner heart.


Eid Poems & Sentences #7

If the heart is cloudy
then this is the time
to clear again.

If the cloud is cloudy
then let it shed its water
let it benefit the whole world.

If Ramadan has arrived
those are the early signs
from the victory of every servant's heart
opportunity for those who want to return to His path
and forgive me, physically and mentally.