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99+ Collections of Examples of Short, Long, Romantic Love Poems and Meaningful [FULL]

Collection of Selected Poetry Examples- Poetry is a form of literary work resulting from the poet's expressions and feelings with language that is bound by rhythm, dimension, rhyme, composition of lyrics and stanzas, and full of meaning. Poetry also expresses the poet's thoughts and feelings imaginatively and is composed by concentrating the power of language with its physical structure and inner structure.

Poetry prioritizes sound, form and also the meaning to be conveyed, which means that poetry is good evidence if there is a deep meaning by condensing all elements of language. Poetry is a written art using language as its aesthetic quality (beauty).

For those of you who are literary connoisseurs who want to enjoy poetry with various themes, the following admin includes dozens of poems presented on this simple blog. Hopefully it can be useful for all.



I'm tired of walking
Wading through the silence of a thousand nights
Stumbling without a definite direction
Live endless time

Wound after wound is embedded in the heart
Daydreaming hurts the soul
The fear of love often rings in the ears
Whispering shakes the faith

I try to ask the vast ocean
I didn't hear a word of answer from him
Only the roar of the big rolling waves
The one who erodes the strength of the coral stands strong

Arrogant mountain standing
As if you don't care about my fate
Indecisive my heart looks up at the endless sky
Like a weed that sways aimlessly


Black gray silent clouds
The sky is crying wet the earth
A million fragile dreams swallowed by time
Gone is the storm wind blowing

Withered flowers grow thorns
Dry eaten by the cruelty of time
Beautiful world covered in disaster
Even though the stars come to say hello

This really hurts
See what happened
Maybe I'll stay here
Until death calls me back

Heart Lantern

I've been alone for a long time
Missing the light that can illuminate
So as not to get lost in the footsteps
So that the heart is no longer silent

Even if it's just a lantern
Maybe it's more for me to have
Can accompany me in the lonely dark

In uncertain solitude
My longing for love
Grabbing my heart and soul
Torture and whack in his cradle
Stop in my heart, O lantern

Love Melody

Dancing fingers
The harp is getting louder
The strains of a serene song begin to sing
Clink after clink accompanied by beautiful poetry

Close your eyes for a moment
Looking far to the bottom of the heart
Seen a happy smile
Cheers dancing and singing

The plucking of the harp is getting louder
The more beautiful it feels sad
Melody after melody as if to say
Tell me about the beauty of love

Dot of Love

Beautifully engraved in the shadows
Flatter and praise in your heart
Even though the water has told a story
But the leaves and the wind are still mute

Still I try to run
But the feet are reluctant to take another step
Regret is now starting to penetrate the heart
Wrap tightly to close the pulse

Lonely and empty left behind
No tone no rhythm
The drier in eating cruel age
All that's left is a broken love story


My best friend

You are like the light of life
When I'm sad,
You are the one who can erase that sadness

Without you my life will be fragile
You are my place to always smile
Thanks for you, my friend...

Electric News

I remember, there is a story about brother
From joy, sorrow, and together
Coming from different lives, we met

To be one, even though we are wrong together
From warm to family
From pain to something that wants to get out

Open, without malice. Friendly, without envy.
There is no separator even though time is eaten

electric news,
Come and greet each other
From behind the scenes, now we're talking

I need your spirit, not just a message

Only you, and us together
Where are you now?


The sharp tip of the pencil has been a witness
Which is represented by the feeling I feel
Sweet, bitter has landed in my life

Starting from a simple meeting
On the white ceramic slabs
A meeting that I never expected
Become a relationship of love and affection
Our beautiful memories
Meaningful moment in my life
Promise to always be together
Face the burning embers

Short missed meeting
Leaving fragments of memories
Togetherness in the cold night wind
A mouthful of rice from the spoon you are holding
A warm hug when my tears break the silence

I hope it's not just a fantasy
This heart decoration
Conversation without grammar
Your boisterous words don't even bother me

Deep Loyalty

on a beautiful hill studded with small crystals
a warm hug touches the heart
don't hesitate to stare at the face on the snow sheen wall
the sun is shining on your face
hitting your heart tighten the sacred flower
integrated I will write your correct
knit me the seeds of love
smell of tired sack. deeply touched by the hole
the light in your eyes but the moonlight you have
loyalty doesn't end melting
true best name for you
best friend nicknamed a thousand suns
the heart is the soul for you


world friend, light step in the soul
when sorrow or joy is there forever
Friends are not dolls that are just an outlet
love the world's most beautiful pulse in my steps
a piece of twilight in your heart is also beautiful in your tired
The smile on your face makes me froze for a moment

Happy smile

My best friend
What happened to you?
Your eyes
your cheeks

Flowing liquid pearls
- that adorns your face
Can I help you?
Maybe just a happy smile
- which can remove the liquid pearls on your cheeks

Not to laugh at you
But to make you smile
Without force
And not forced

For the sake of my friend I'm willing

let it go again
let go again
I'll give you again
for the umpteenth time
everyone I love prefers you
and now it's all gone from me

my mistake is repeated
I sacrifice my feelings
I forgive everything

now i make a decision
I'm willing to let go of my love again
for you my friend,
who also loves him
I give love and my feelings
for him who is now yours

I try to lie to my feelings...
I try to forget it,
I try to run away from the fact that I love him

stupid... stupid...
Until when should I give in to my best friend?
but i don't want my friend to be hurt
I love you too much my friend...

Friends forever

I've been looking for you for a long time
I've been waiting for you for a long time
I've been waiting for you for a long time

Finally I can find you
Because for me to find you,
It's not easy
Because finding the right person
It's not an easy thing

I'm glad that I found you
I hope you can accompany me
Until whenever as long as the clock is still ringing
The days go by and the years go by
We will be true friends forever
We will always be together

Share stories
Share joy and sorrow

A sip of coffee that you give

Loud sounds of heavy rain at night
Reminds a long lost memory
A sip of coffee that you give,
Warms the body when it's cold
Stringing feelings between us
A sip of coffee that you give,
Raise the heart to burn the spirit
But now you take my heart
Disappear in the gloom
You put a ring on her ring finger
Leave me in the dark of life
Only left...
The sip of coffee you gave...

That Friend.....

Always present in our life
Whether it's happy or hard
Needless to say he must have heard
All stories will be mixed with the spice of the story
Reprimand when we take the wrong step
Support when we make a decision
Take responsibility even if you don't cause it
Blowing the air of peace when we are wrapped in emotions

Always like that until fate separates


Poetry rhymes
Mostofa Bisri

my love for you has never been an example
Romeo's love for Juliet, Majnun Qais for Laila
nothing yet
our farewells are more meaningful
compared to the meet-and-greet of Yusuf and Zulaikha
our longings exceed adam eve's longing for revenge
I am your ocean wave
who run-come for you
shining rain and thundering clouds

I am your flower scent
the blood of your thorns
breezy until your windstorm

I am your chirping bird
your mountain peak
good luck your magic

I am your letter dots
the letters of your words
your meaning words

I am a hot glare
and the warm shadows of your sun
earth surrender your sky

I am your spirit body
fayakun kunmu

I am me

From a Farewell

Sometimes it's good for us to grieve,
To feel how happy
It's time for us to rejoice
Sometimes it's good for us to cry,
To feel how sweet

It's time for us to laugh
Sometimes it's good for us to languish
To feel how happy
When we are happy

And if now we part
That's a good thing too
To feel how intimate
If in time
We are destined to meet again

Medy Loekito

what is the meaning of a dream
when sleep is scattered on the nights without
I look for your presence from dawn to dusk
stuttered like lightning without a thunder
while drowning all hope

the world is like a sunken ship
plunged into infinite depths
nothing is more certain than darkness
when the moon loses its light
and the lightning loses its lightning
Is there anything more grieving than a longing heart
how i want to see your face
to the vanity that is familiar to me now

Farthest Rose
Nirwan Dewanto

You are the seed of the morning rain,
I'm the old umbrella of envy.

You're the tears at the fingertips,
I'm a sun handkerchief.

If you're in a red dress,
I'm a hand on your stomach.

But you're also a pool of blood,
when I don't love you

You're a mirror too waiting,
I am the face that purifies you.

Spill out all the virgins,
until your heart is full of embers.

You are the owner of full day rain,
I'm too hidden umbrella.

Come on, hurry to the gray January,
because I'm drooping to the edge of singing.

Twilight Girlfriend
Joko Pinurbo

Twilight invites her boyfriend to sit on the beach.
The beach is deserted and no one will care.

Twilight's boyfriend is very quiet: he just smiles
listen to twilight jokes. When the sun asks for a hug,
only half, twilight's boyfriend blushed.
"Only when it's dark. Shame to see the landscape.”

Love is like a cold blooded poet
good at incising wounds.
Missing is like a simple poem that never dies.

It doesn't feel like silence has arrived: twilight knows
looking away to the horizon, leaving the twilight girlfriend
who is still gasping for air by the twilight kiss.
“Why did you leave me before you could
trim back the time? How fast ci*m
be used. How bad it is to miss.
Watch out, I'll hug you out tomorrow."

The beach was dark. Some can't sleep.
Twilight boyfriend gradually melts, melts, bubbling
in the roar of the waves.


The power of prayer

Something to say
before slander destroys fitrah
longing in the cage of Your grace
take a long winding journey
no matter which destination he anchored for sure,
near by Your side is a gift that the tongue cannot speak.

and tears
I'm the one who has
you are the one creating.

absent from your promise
is a futile betrayal
because you know
what i don't know.

Something to say on the tongue
Lafadz Your name is full of Maha
while I'm full of contempt
how can i be arrogant

Something to say
before heading home:
"One wants to return to my Fitrah"

Prayer Delivery

Spoken prayer
prayer that represents hope
someone's hope in the world
spoken voice also breathed

hope becomes a dream
the dream you want to achieve
kept intact in the heart
fly up to the sky of Allah

become air bubbles
fly through the sky
send all the sorrow
send it unseen
send our wishes

who never meet again
holy love that is wronged
by his ego self desire
by the longing that always surrounds

For Beloved Father

Dad.. it doesn't feel like time passes so fast
longing for childhood with you
now I can only remember, can't be repeated
even though you're far away now
I'm sure you will be happy
only prayer that I can give to you now
hopefully what you have given me can be an example
I hope I become a person like you, firm, insightful, and loving

Still imagining the beautiful memories of your past
now it's all really gone
this is sad mixed up
this cry is mixed with longing
actually i..
still need your love
still want to hug you

However, what can I do
now i can only look at your tombstone
remember your service and kindness
take all your advice, Daddy..!!

My prayer is to accompany you there
May Allah forgive your sins
May Allah accept your deeds of worship
and may a good place be given to you

Now I can't hear your laughter anymore
I can't touch your skin anymore
I can't see your face anymore

I really miss my childhood
I want to be with you again

But all that can not be repeated
because now the tombstone has blocked

You left me when I couldn't make you happy
You left me when I couldn't repay your services
now only prayer and sincerity that I can give you
I hope you are happy there, Dad..!!

"O Allah, my father has guided me well,
has carried out the mandate that has been carried out well
please, love him like he loved me
love him like he loved me
and meet us in heaven later."

Midnight Prayer

Sleep after Isha,
I'm looking for the beginning of your dream
just in case you are in nirvana
where all dreams come together.

I've been looking for a piece of night silk for a long time
but your dreams haven't arrived yet
maybe your sleep is dripping with sweat
who used to smolder in the fierce noon.

It's past midnight now,
I still listen to all the dream plays
until the third of the night
my ears as blooming roses.

As faint as a symbol of the silence of the night
you kneel in the sacred Tahajjud,
your prayers open the gates of heaven
I find my name you call accompanied by greetings.

Instantly I packed dreams about you
I rushed to sail the night silk
I bring along your prayers to Taharah
and I fell on the sacred Tahajud.

Night pray

A piece of life in a long cradle
Have you ever stopped by, left a series of scary episodes
in the midst of cursing dust dust suffocating chest
can't help, sad song
has been sown on a peak that is not yours
Even though the lips are luscious, greeting the unfamiliar days
none of the names are planted in the trees
strong and cool

Pink twilight clouds
white edge, blue edge of the sky
has met a familiar face with
the folds of time... the strokes of life caress the breath
when our eyes look tired.

You're trying to carve out the side of the sky
that form a line of clouds…planting blossoms
a beam of sharp crushing part of the sky
put you down…..return lonely
from the beauty of the face of the moon on the fairy tale earth
only remains, the ark that carries
flakes of sails against the stern wind

You better offer orange roses
in a part of the night
studded with angel wings from the sky knitting
where else will you chop this life
Isn't a prayer piece more beautiful
from the hands of time that you left behind...


Smile Night

Good night smile,
Can't you see the moon is turning red,
and shining stars, beautify the universe.

Good night laugh,
don't you know tomorrow the dawn will come,
bring your happiness that you dream of,
until all wishes come true.

O night lie down,
Your body is tired of waiting for the morning that doesn't go away,
and your heart expands at dusk.

O night listen,
the birds sing on the way home,
until there's no reason you'll be lonely.

Night dream,
on the sidelines of your watch there are holy hands that ask the Divine,
so that you remain strong accompanying the beauty of the motherland,
until time will stop.

Explore the Night

The night keeps its promise
thick and silent again dissolves nature
and I try to penetrate it through the strand
and I tried to penetrate it through the stanza.

Restless, worried and tired
as if racing to enter the heart
engraved in it to form a wound
wounds that don't want to go away.

Shall I follow the night extension?
while my little heart hopes for the bright
Yes, where should this heart connect?
In the darkness or in the light?

And tonight
After all, I still penetrated the night….

Maybe this is destiny.
I really love the night and the dark...

Steady with the Shadows

Drifting thickly in the night wind
even a soft hum melts the feeling
I, you… Maybe no longer reach by time
but this waiting is still reached by the shadows

And time keeps pouring out through the ticking of the clock
and you just pass it
and I'm here, alone, lonely...
can only shadow your expression through the stars..

The night is getting darker
I'm still struggling with your shadow
I still embrace you through the whispers of the night
can you feel it?

My Troubles with the Night

Cold fingers type words
I think thirsty, which light will I find

In this dark
in unspoken silence
I count my fate on a string of words

That slur, I really remember
the wheel of my destiny, turn around
the fading longing for taste

I was humiliated in the silence of the night
daydreaming in disgrace
these people never know
to the night I welcome
I'm unbearable
my dream is never friends

I falter in this game
I groan in uncertain pain

My love…
steaming in the nebula of bitterness
my dreams, have not seen and are getting swallowed up

Good night, imaginary world
sleep in hope

Night of a Faraway

Night is a stopover
head in heart
at the crossroads of the rush of time
silent hunter

Does that mean you're by my side
how brightly longing you tell

Night is a story
head in contemplation
when the day is a waste of words

That smile is fading
glowing allegory; fake
do you know what's wrong with your heart?
: about restlessness

On the night of questions
eternal in the eternal column of the sky
stored tightly for the umpteenth trace
and blinding morning

Night is a form of flying smoke
the incense of a weary faraway traveler
waiting for the rain of meaning in the fields of restless souls


Enemy of Faith

I drink wine, from right and left say:
"Drinking not Drinking because it is against Faith."
For I know wine is against Faith,
For God's sake, let me drink -- the blood of the enemy is legal to me.


Although 'wine' is banned, this is according to who drinks it,
How much, also with whom drunk.
If these three conditions are met; speak the truth --
Then, if the Sage does not drink 'wine',
who should?

Those who try to isolate themselves and
those who spend the night in prayer,
No one is on dry land, all in the sea.
One is awake, and all the others are asleep.

I fell asleep, and the Wise said to me:
"Sleep, the rose of happiness never blooms.
Why did you do something close to death?
Drink 'wine', then you will have a long sleep."

Friends, if you stay in a meeting
You have to remember a lot Friend.
When you manage to drink together,
When it was my turn, 'then turn the glass over'.
Those who have gone before us, O Cupbearer,
Sleeping in the dust of pride.

Go, drink 'wine', and hear from me the Truth:
What they have is only said in our hands,
O cup-bearer

Under the Earth

You are not gold, people don't care:
That, once placed on earth, someone
Will take you out again.


Do you know what earth man is, Khayyam
A lantern of imagination, and inside the lamp.

Don't Empty Hands

Take some quintessence from Here to There --
You will not be lucky if you go empty handed.


Secrets must be kept from all beings:
Mystery must be hidden from all fools
Look what you did to humans
The Seer must be hidden from everyone.


The circle of this world is like a ring:
There's no doubt that all of us
is Naqsh, the draft of the decree.


In the little chambers and verandas of the monastery,
in Christian monasteries and Jewish churches:
Here people fear Hell and others dream about Heaven.
But he who knows the secrets of his Lord
Not to plant a seed like this in his heart.

God's Note

Kalam Loh Mahfuz noted…
And after taking notes…
More notes…
All prayers and efforts...
Unable to extinguish the Divine record…
Even if it's just a line...
No matter how many tears...
Not even a word will be lost...
Notes of the Most Merciful God.

This is me

Present and future people will come and say, "Here I am!"
He gave a gift of gold or silver, saying, "Here I am!"
But at one point in his life he fell ill
Death caught up and said, "Here I am!"


No more

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except feel the moonlight
The cold by longing

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except for hearing the wind
In the lake water

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except looking at old graves
My ancestor's resting place

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except watching the dew fall
Washing the faces of my people

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except feel the echo of prayer
From people who suffer
Prayers that soar to the sky
Unite with the clouds
Unite with the sun
Then come down to earth
Come to your house
Greet you
Enter your heart
Talk about justice

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
No more
Except the former childhood
The dust covered

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except looking at the shadows of history
Slowly sinking

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
No more
Apart from witnessing your love
Who keeps on watering the earth

Lho'Seumawe – Takengon, January 1986


Seventy disasters
Leading to us
How to refuse

Seventy sick
Whack us
How to cure it

Seventy thieves
Destroy our property
How to prevent it

Seventy wrath of God
Burn us
How to avoid it
It even burns our veins
How to extinguish it

We almost forgot
For that all
There is one way
Simple and unpretentious
Let's give charity
Charity rejects disaster
Cure pain
Prevent thieves
Erase God's wrath

Alms to create
Friendship friendship
Alms to create
Cool atmosphere between us
It's morning dew
Dripping to the heart

Jakarta, 1985

An Old Man Walks

Every day he walks
That way too
Every day he walks
Body slightly bent
Step one
On that road too

There is twilight
Disguising the way
But there are stars
Rise to help him
All he didn't ask for
But just go down
On that road too

There's a hot sun
Dripping his sweat
But there is wind
Blow her body
Just come
Everything just goes down
On that road too

Every day he walks
On that road too
Under that sky too
Trees, leaves
Electric poles, asphalt road
So friendly to him
Sometimes it's like reprimanding him
Good morning
Or good afternoon
Or good night

That old man
Step and step
On that road too
Every step
He said Allah

Jakarta, 1986


I need the sun
The light that you spread
For the universe
But I need too
Lover's eyes
The rays of the eyes that scrape the sin
And replace it
With charity and faith

Lamprik, August 9, 1986

Looking for Traces

That night
Like being thrown
In your city

I really don't have anything
And looking for no one
Windows and doors
It's closed for me

Wind freely
Break my body
On the storefronts
And got on the street

But my dreams flow
With silence
Looking for your trace
Until the morning

Coverer, August 8, 1986

When Later

When later
you go
Picking flowers
And dance
Along the highway
Throw me in the sand

I will live in the sand
I will live in the sand
I will sleep in the sand
I will quote your song in the sand
I will feel your love in the sand

In the sand
Our longing will continue to flow

Jakarta, 1986

Banda Aceh

What I still remember about you
Are historical carvings in stone
In silent strokes
What I feel with longing

Ujung Bate, August 8, 1986

Notes On Leaves

You note on the leaves
A message
When the sky was blue

After you leave

I read your message
Then I save

Inside of me
Now that message
Flowing in my blood
And when I die

I keep it in silent poetry
With Fiery Loyalty
Let the long journey still
And the body droops limp
But the true desire in the heart

Stay lively on purpose
Cambodia in the park
Shade the body of convulsions and cold
Lying still at birth
Inwardly continue the journey
It's really far away
By many thistles at the bottom of the road

But relay sick and happy
On the streets He decides
Step then means step up
With growing faithfulness to You, Lord

Moon forehead

Moon forehead
Like shiny silver
Shine by the light of faith
The one that always sticks
on the prayer mat

Moon forehead
Like shiny silver
Come closer
To the wandering wind
The sad one
Who is looking for
And wander
In the wilds of the world

Come closer
O moon forehead
Travel wind
Want to kiss her
To let go of worry

Jakarta, 1986



Body light yellow as a golden,
Standing straight on the chariot of faith,
Dewa Candra came out of his palace
Pensive towards the far West there.
Flag fluttering in right hand, left hand
Leading the flame-breathing horse;
Once the god through the firmament,
Sprinkling silver down here.
The whisper of the night blows all over the earth,
As a song-merawan reed longing,
The trembling of the feeling elevates the silence.
Earth dreams and it groans inside
His dream, because he wanted to miss him more,
Because I miss being hugged by the Queen of the Night

To Ki Hajar Dewantoro

In the garden in my homeland
Grows a lotus flower;
hidden beautiful flowers,
No past person seen.

Its roots grow in the heart of the world,
Lakshmi's radiant leaves are concocted;
Even if people ignore him,
The lotus flower is gloriously resplendent.

Go on, O Happy Lotus
Radiant in Indonesian gardens,
Let a little park ranger.
Even if you are not seen,
Even if you are not interested,
You take care of the Ages


Where is the price of a rhyme essay,
Not in the meaning of the content,
In form, cute words
Look for the weight by choosing it.

The first question out of the heart,
After reading the poem,
So which is sacred,
Remember yourself in wisdom.

The feeling of being single when compiling,
Words that come flocking
From within, not looking for
Gotta go back in the reader,
As a shadow in the mirror,
Conscience must be shaken.

Jasmine Flower

I arrange jasmine flowers
Under the midnight star,
To show how deep
Love enters the heart.
I sleep waiting for the morning
And dreams in happiness
Sit next to him
On the aisle of the rainbow
I wake up, but the sun
Already high on the horizon
And the worship is finished
O Soul, who waits for the day,
The day has come to light,
You dream, pensive negligent.

To R.P. Mr. Singgih

I feel new energy
Fills my soul and body;
My heart longs for the Kuru fields,
A place to fight, war always.
I feel like Pamadi,
After hearing the Master's words,
Narendra Krisyna, at Ksetra Kuru:
Burn to the council in the heart.
Nothing can cross
On the way to I mean:
Win fighting for my Queen.
The crown will be behind the stars
Lakshmi put it on the head,
All the gods are singing.


In my head it's designed,
Sheer crown of eternal flowers,
I've become free,
Already got eternal happiness.
I soar to the starry sky,
With shining eyes,
Extinct what transverse,
What used to bind me.
Come on, love, don't hesitate
Looking for a way; i precede,
Adinda now
Come on, beloved, come with me
Fly there, through,
own heart.

Taj Mahal
To Andjasmara

In the Taj Mahal, queen of palaces,
White and beautiful: rhyme marble
Silent pensive on the edge of Janma
On the tomb of Arjumand Begam
Who fought on the side of Shah Jahan,
Loving, gloriously glorious singing
In the endless night,
Describe the love of the world.
There, in sorrow,
I feel a beggar
In front of the gate of love
The soul screams, in the chakra of sorrow
Ah, my Beloved, call to the lord.
Only Jamna replied to the call.

Happy Land

Take me to that country, a happy place,
Fertile land, heated by love.
The sacred blue sky, the hope of love,
Surrounded by mountains of glorious peace.
Bring me to the continents pensively,
To the land of the lake of holiness, dazzling,
Crossed rivers of power of sheen,
Seduced by the wind whispering memories

Wanting the soul to go there goes unsaid:
My heart is torn apart every day,
Complaints do not stop for a moment.
O land of joy, shining gold of jewels,
In sorrow you sun,
When it's time to meet?

Wijaya Kesuma

Behind the mountain, far away,
Located in the garden of the gods,
The place to grow up to be Kesuma Wijaya,
Beautiful flower, mortal antidote.
Only a few know the way
From the country to there.
Fewer people,
Which can reach the garden gate.
According to the voice of Krisyna's flute,
Sounds sweet in the forest,
Calling you with hell trisna.
You are always called
Following the trial of collectors:
You are according to ordinary people.


I looked down smilingly:
Bandung faces in the fog.
Far away dreaming of Gede-Pangrango,
Like an island in a sea of ​​clouds.
gray sky,
Nature is gloomy.
And into my heart,
Enter slowly
I miss revenge.
My soul weeps with the soul
Shepherd singing in the valley.
Lament floats with the sound
Depth of gloom



Shadows moved by the puppeteer
come and go, only the traces remain

Remember Me in Your Prayers

Remember me in your prayers: in front of Ibrahim's grave
The Most Merciful will be granted
My life in this world, in the afterlife
protect it with grace, overflow it with the grace of God

Remember me in your prayers: in front of Ibrahim's grave
in your prayers, in your consciousness, in your dreams
Every time I take a breath, even when I exhale
be a blessing, just an abundance of God's blessing

Oh Robb!
Let Your love flow eternally
Remember me in your prayers
Remember me in Your word
Remember me in Your silence
Remember me


I penetrated the white mega, the gray one, the black one
Behind it I seek the light: The rays of the sun!


From upstream to estuary, how many times did you change your name?
The flowing water is the same too, just changing colors

Evening Prayer

Silence welled up
The tears are flowing
sourced from your heart


If you have set life to be small
Why is the voice of the heart tossed about in the sabil?


How far is the distance stretched
between you and me

How far is the distance stretched
between you and my jugular vein?

Not a word
separate us

In front of Sadali's painting

In beauty I find silence
and in silence I find piety

The Meeting of Two Sufis

When the two passed, not a word of warning
Only two pairs of sharp eyes meet

Suhrawar on horse : " How deep I see
The ocean of all truths!"

And Muhyiddin on the donkey: "How mortal he is
who faithfully live the example of his Apostle."

When the two meet, there are no words of greeting
But the two of them agreed in silence.

Only In Poetry

In the train
I read poetry: Willy and Mayakowsky
But I hear your words
Overcome the rattling of the depression.
Take a look outside:
Rice fields and mountains
Then the poems grow
From every drop of sweat
The crooked peasants since morning
Through hard and lonely days.

I know you know:
Life oscillates between heaven and earth
Adam was thrown from heaven
Then here and there looking for Eve.

Hasn't it been the poet's destiny
Knocking door after door
And he didn't find it either: Liver yeast
Who doesn't want
Give up on the situation?

In the valley behold your patient face.
From the valley stretch out your trembling hand.

In the train
I read poetry: heart turihan
The one with the iron fingers of Time
Determining the steps of Destiny: Sticking
To the dream room I manage

I know.
You know too. In poetry
Everything is clear and certain.



Your reflection is recorded on the surface of the plate, on the wall
On the sky, the clouds, ah, wherever I turn:
And on the roof of the house the wind rises rustling
Convey your whisper in a world full of whispers.

Is it still a crisp January morning
Somewhere for my hand to caress?
All the words have run out but are not spoken
Longing in the form of a truth.

Shadow, ah, your shadow that charges always
Have I not given up everything for the sake of Time?
Even the years will be lonely, I know
Because the restless world is silent.



in love
with Diwana Fikri Aghniya

Suddenly we are like people who are
Learn to be a son and a father. In that mosque
Compassion is like a mountain river looking for a valley
And we drifted hope to the lonely end
The estuary for every prayer and the fish make a promise

We also become poetry that lives between the two
Eternity heaven and hell. We fantasize as
The eternal Lukman family throughout the ages. Calm
With white angelic faces. And God

We continue to be in love throughout the call to prayer. And
Forget the earth that always sings a sad song
Also in a house full of sighs and piles

We continue to embrace in the rhythm of God. Sail
Among the glittering islands, looking for Lukman...



Like a row of mahogany on the side of the road
My body is erect throughout the recesses of the dawn
And my black shadow lay on the asphalt
Tracking the direction of the vehicle and mercury

The call to prayer calls me home
But the echo makes a lot of sound meaning
Drawing intersection for steps
And the weather offers sweet dreams too

suffering. I hesitate among the stars
Remainder. And a hard crash
avoided. I'm messy and hurt
Heart split in two in a melancholy sky


Afternoon Fantasy

Sitting on the central veranda and the sky on your lap
Fire furnace. The sun looks like it's burning
Pottery pots and cups. Approaching the sea and
Coffee lake. Even our fantasies write fire stories

And the birds soon wander before
Turned into ashes and cigarette embers. Flock of fish
Away from the shore before it becomes D foam
yellow leaves instantly. fall before
Fall arrived. Space ignites a flame

A child cries until his voice runs out
Pray for the weather to change color soon
But the wind and rain don't give an answer
Apart from the coconut that fell on the head. Broken


Room Epilogue

This room fulfills us as ascetics
Which languishes. Seductive hustle and bustle from outside
Window. Creating a circular echo in
Room. And folds away as a silent song

Who are we outside this room? lock of hair
Above the flesh and lonely creeps like a stem
Passion fruit along the aisle of the heart. Then we get lost
In a voyage without a map. And the mouth is out of words

Inside and outside the room, we finally stay
The eternal ascetic worships lies. And this prayer is one
Ask: "God give us time to continue to sin!"



With colorful clothes we are stylish.
In line of ducks. We are back as children
On the big day carnival. glowing face
Mouth full of candy. The days are just a joke

Who has tears? There are no words here
Grief. Dreams and images beat wounds
Suffering is like the language of a wreath. Pain
Only belongs to the warriors on the battlefield. Sadness
Flying. The world is decorated with lights and banners

The party continues to be celebrated. Carnival is still running
The parade moved slowly. The poet chooses silence:
Who has tears? Who prefers to cry?



The city dissolves in the rain. Even the lights
Buried away. The coconut shoots are shaking
Yellow bamboo hug each other
Digging his nails into the ground
Until the quiet rumbling stretches along

Electric wire, tensed. Lightning descends. My child
Crying loudly, breaking my daydream
Relieves the rain. Expel and dispel will
Typhoon. And reinvent Bandung
As a lake of flaming pearls. any person
Swim and dive again there, scramble
Dream. While I'm becoming a wallowing rhino
Quiet, along rivers and forests; own pain



Two railroad tracks divide a city that doesn't want to
Dead. People passing along the hallway
Market. Vehicles that come and go
Rebuke is lonely, but also brings pain

(I still remember when your hand, father
floated on my cheeks. "I want to
free as loose fowl," I shrieked)

Two rails vibrate. Whirlwind beetle
On the sidewalk. I'm also lying in every
Burning room. "Goodbye, father
Because every place is an address. Calm down!"


As long as your name

I haven't quite mentioned your name yet. Whereas
Dawn has long bloomed. Morning fog continues
Inching. And the birds are whistling
Among the neighbor's jackfruit branches
I should have called your name many times
When the sun burns half of my hair
The shadows of my body are shrinking shorter
From the original. Then I kiss your forehead tenderly
I still don't call your name. When the farmers
Start watering the cauliflower. And pumpkin stems
Loosen the coils on each bamboo fence
Electric poles have longer shadows
I don't even spell your name. Even though lavender has
Flashing in the passion fruit grove. birds
Hastened to the nest above the silence of the cistern
And the sun packs up hiding behind the hills
I should have kept the love as long as your name
Before the city is deserted. And we lay together
Dream. Drowning in the dim light. Black
All night. Then silence throughout your name


At Cirebon Harbor

"Mon beau navire O ma memoire
Avons-nous assez navigue"
(Guillame Apollinaire)

At the port of Cirebon, the sea and my heart collide
Rumbling, Ships sail and dock
And I'm quietly waiting for the twilight that I don't know:
O life, a little voyage, just a moment to come!

In waiting, I'm reminded of you, my sister
The ships that sail and dock, become ours
Made from torn paper after school books
School. And we drove in ditches and ditches
With a smile. And we always forget mother
Those who like to be angry, when checking the books we have

At the port of Cirebon, my dear sister
I remember you while waiting for the sunset
Charming and fun twilight of death



Beneath the lonely mountain rolls and peaks
And on the expanse of land I immortalize anxiety
Rock cliffs and snorting pines
The wind sent humid weather. Rain, blocked by clouds

And in the dim atmosphere the rubber trees lined up
Prostrate in the same pain. Weight towards
West. Birds come and go in
A definite rhythm. The air seems to be petrified

And life is like a collection of tents built
And torn down. And death flutters at the stake
Flag at a campsite. Missing song
Tossed adventurers between slopes and ravines



Far away

As if life must live
you are far away, farther away
just like a shadow
shadow under the shady tree

You're out of sight
but also not die like a dream.
Is there something you've always been waiting for
even though the days go by?

Maybe evening and shadows
summer shadows are getting
long, anxious

yellowing leaves approaching
fall. The days are getting shorter
just. Later, look forward to it!


Grass. What are the waves?
at sea. Shark, shark, you
forget who your grandson is. Upstream of the river
rhinoceros. Salak of wolves in the jungle of the city.

My room is there, with a musty roof,
glass walls, raffle ceilings,
seventy five million. Let's stay up late,
playing cards, drinking wine, eating poetry,
talk student, prancing
prancing, screaming! Dizzy cassette
groan the meat. Cheap entertainment.

In the past
nayuban until morning, drink sopi
embrace dancers, live in a dream gamelan.

It was the colonial era
We're much more mature, I see
simple in nature. Between
huts and mansions, goods abound.

Breakfast gaping: coffee, milk, toast and
bullshit. Extra orange juice. What kind of chicken
lay eggs without sex eat vitamins in
fetal roof? Love needs a kitchen, a bed.

Grass. What are the waves?
at sea. Shark, shark, you forgot
who is your grandson. You used to think happy.

We, from the day
to the day of self-cultivation
with a dream loan.


7-7-7 that's all every night I hope it goes down 7-7-7
That's all I pray to God. rotating images,
the bars won't come out. Neither do the stars
want to stop circulating in a horizontal/diagonal line.

I call the ancestors from their rest that
calm down to help me win
heart pounding. Even though the stars
fall and 7-7-7 line up in order,
tomorrow round, just repeated again here. my prayers
back into hell. Hot lust
win. Cold fear of losing, over and over again.

7-7-7 that's all my reflection 7-7-7
every night full of stars


I always drink from your eyes,
faith cherish the day
I didn't think it was for the sake of
falling leaves
bury your body with
dark. That's the sun
lying down, burning
yellow grass.

The sky breathes silently,
blow the song
dry. Kala
the bell rings, I thought you
go home, open the door,
the wind howled mutely.


Taking notes with junk tools, that's
my life. I have to start again. Mother, from
where? From a baby who wants to be rushed
the neighboring Dutch woman?
You're scared to the point that you have to move cities
until I run away from the city that
one city to another. Mother, who
I? I was born from your womb. It
Certain. Then school, then work.

And I must be a bad teacher.
What science do I teach?
Kind? Humanity?
Trading tools?
Connecting tools?

I should be content with teaching languages.
But not. I'm learning to talk again, too
with a, b, c, which means uncertain.

I don't want to teach
that the chair is just a chair, but for example
position, power. my knowledge
the end is nothing but a shadow
everyday reality.

What is important? Life? Also
maybe not, because it's mortal
said the Javanese. Money?
Also of course not, that's why too
only tools. And we all know
unless we ( ... )

And you too

And you ask
is there anything beautiful
of my life?
sure, but it's already sunk
during. Then you
also asked: Is there
what's good about me?
Sure, sure but still
hidden, deep
until you still
alone, stranger from
true identity.


Silent hum
rise with morning
fill the sky

At the bottom of the forest
moon skeleton

Quiet echo
creep with slang
burn the field

At the bottom of the night
boat frame

Rhymes in the Wind

Give me a dream
like a thousand candles,
never stop
in cold nights

until dark
don't want to fix it anymore
in my room, that room
don't know rest, so we

doesn't even last,
open eyes sing
carefree songs about thousands

about the longing
don't know the shadows

Twilight Portrait

After all the dreams fall asleep
Can I stretch it again?
Besides soft hands without lust
Touch your body
Live in life
But it's getting closed
And run away
After all the dreams fall asleep
What else can I extend
Except age
So the shadows


War for the victors
Hit the drums
Coffin stretcher
Like a noble ceremony
War for the lame
Revenge the enemy
Rusty corpse
With a treacherous curse
The one who hits with a whole soul
Strong Armed,
The fragile one
Torn apart, fall!
War for the victors...
Hit the drums

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