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About Us

antaraksara.com made as a container of information about businesses that are increasingly rapidly developing its development, until some people do not know the latest information from current information, for which we do research by collecting up-to-date information about businesses from around the world with the official website and various official forums that we collect into one page and easy to digest and read.

It is not easy to build and develop this website as more and more rapid technological developments, but all obstacles and obstacles change can be passed. Starting from planning, choosing the right domain name, responsive display design, we also arrange and layout the article or position as good as possible so that visitors are easy to understand and comfortable reading.

In this website we make easy navigation for visitors so that readers do not feel confused when we want to move to another tab or page navigation, beside and below the Post also we show related post or related article, the search field is also very easy to find and the category we separate according to the selected tag.

End WORD from us if many pages or articles that can not be found in this website please send us feedback through the Contact tab so we can quickly fix errors or types of bugs that you find. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful all the content in this website.